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PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours
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 14 reviews
by Chrissy on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours
best thing in the world for stud cat pee!

Brilliant, and thanks for your prompt reply. PowAir is the best thing in the world for stud cat pee!

by Amye on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours
by far the best odour remover I have ever used

Hoping you had a lovely christmas break. Just to say we are over the moon with the PowAir products, they are by far the best odour removers I have ever used.

by Gemma West on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

I just wanted to contact you today to let you know how amazing your products have been for our house. We have a dog and he has a lot of allergies so I always struggled to find air/fabric fresheners for the house that didn’t irritate his allergies. I was recommended your products (the PowAir gel and PowAir penetrator spray) and I thought why not give it a go. I was amazed within' one day of how amazing these products are. I’ve always been worried about having a ‘doggy smell’ in the house and my sister said that she couldn’t smell anything but freshness when she came to the house, I had only had the PowAir gel open for about 8 hours at this point. I tried the spray on Sonny’s downstairs bed and it was amazing, no doggy smells or anything! I now also use it on our sofa to keep it fresh. The best thing of all your products haven’t aggravated any of Sonny’s allergies.

Thanks for the awesome products, they have really made a difference in our home.

by thedoglist.com reviews on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

If you’re looking for something to eliminate doggy odours, then PowAir is what you need, NOT an air freshener. PowAir comes in various forms including gels and sprays that can either be left open in a room or sprayed directly onto surfaces.

We’ve tested this thoroughly around a smelly wet dog, on patches of doggy carpet and doormats and even squirted it up vacuum cleaners to neutralise wiffy bags and filters.

In a nutshell, it’s powerful and it works. Try it!

by Divine Dog Groomers on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

We have already started using the products that I purchased from yourselves at the show & we are very impressed!! I was, very sceptical over the penetrator spray, but having used it along with the gels in reception at our salon, I can no longer smell urine !!!

Ill be in touch again when we need to purchase some more!


We have 2 large labradoodle dogs and despite constant cleaning I found there was still a dog smell in the house. I’ve tried so many different products but they all seem to just mask the smell rather than removing it. Then I found PowAir and haven’t used anything else since. It’s brilliant and so easy to use, I literally just spray it over the dog beds, blankets and sofa and that’s it. There’s no horrible artificial smell and almost instantly the dog odours are gone.

by Mrs S on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

Recently saw this at a dog show and was given a free sample, I was so impressed I ordered the car humidifier, the penetrator spray and the gel. I absolutely love this product and am never going back to any other freshener products again. Not only has it cleared the smell of smoke from my smoking room the car no longer smells of damp dogs!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

by Mani Virdee on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

This is an excellent product! I really had my reservations but this worked, like I said I have an old LV monogram bag cost about £700, due to incorrect storage smelled quite musty old been in the garage sort of smell and I couldn’t use it overpowering smell.

I pulled the lining out and sprayed liberally both sides and left it to dry flat, I did this 3 times also sprayed a clean cloth and rubbed all over the canvas (outside of bag) and the other crevices of the bag.

The smell has gone! And I am really pleased with it. I also have a LV small cosmetic pouch that smelled of cigarettes, smell gone! I will def be buying this product online it is excellent.
More importantly there has NO damage to the bag as a result of using this product it is very safe and effective and works, I even used it on the underside of the bag is vachetta leather - no stains left.

by Spa-Rehab on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

Verbal feedback (not written) from two veterinary centres - one used PowAir Block in their Lab when testing cow poo (they have to test and approve it before farmers can put stock to the planes and meadows for the spring & summer) and it was for the first time in vets career that there was no bed smell while performing test! Now they have Blocks in every room there.
The other vet used PowAir Penetrator sample when they treated the dog for when the stomach twists and gets super bloated and it is life threatening for dogs. Well... everything went out of the dog (from mouth and butt) and the smell was awful, however, they sprayed some Penetrator in the air and it neutralised the smell completely. Of course they ordered more.

by Scott Sweaton - Senior Charge Nurse NHS Fife on PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours

We used the PowAir products on a patient with a fungating wound. My staff noticed that the odour was less apparent within a day. The fragrance of the products were good to and they weren't too strong. I would recommend this product.'

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