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If you have used PowAir before you will no doubt be aware of the power of the product and its ability to remove odours from the air. However it is often the case that the consumer does not know how to use the products effectively, often by using more of the product than is necessary or by not dispersing the product effectively. If you need to understand better how to use PowAir more efficiently then read the hints and tips below to get the most out of your product.

PowAir Enzymatic products including PowAir Urine & Odour Pet Pee Smell Removal Spray, PowAir Penetrator and PowAir Sport Sweat Odour Eliminator Spray

The Enzymatic Trio


The PowAir Urine and Odour, Penetrator and Sport Sprays utilize enzymatic technology, which is a common approach for tackling organic odours like urine. Enzymes are naturally occurring biological molecules that can break down specific substances, such as the components of urine and sweat that cause unpleasant smells. By applying the spray both on and around the affected area, the enzymatic formula helps to break down the odorous molecules and eliminate the smell directly from the source.


PowAir Urine & Odour Perfect for use to eliminate odours like urine, faeces, vomit & pheromones.

PowAir Sport For sweat odours present on gym gear, clothing, equipment & accessories.

PowAir Penetrator Ideal for neutralising smells caused by perspiration, vomit, grease, mildew, smoke, faeces & urine.

PowAir Urine Stain and Odour Removal Spray


PowAir Penetrator Enzymatic Stain & Odour Removal Spray


PowAir Sport is a gym bag essential perfect for eliminating sweat stains & odours


Odour Removal Blocks

This solid odour neutraliser is ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets. Cars, boats and motor-homes are suitable for blocks especially when they have been in storage and subject to dampness or mustiness. The block will release its powerful odour neutralising agent and quickly eliminate smells, keeping the location free from undesirable odours. It is also very effective in other small areas and spaces such as cupboards, garbage storage, bathrooms, closets, foyers, attics, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Simply remove the cap and place the container in your desired location to neutralise odours permanently. Alternatively, why not pair with a PowAir Block Dispenser. Draw out the maximum potential of your PowAir Blocks using the PowAir Block Dispenser. This unit can stand alone or be fixed to a wall for ultimate portability around the chosen environment.

PowAir Block 170g

Odour Removal Sprays

A PowAir odour neutraliser in a handy spray bottle, for easy smell removal everywhere and anywhere. This product is completely pet safe and cruelty free (unlike many high street products) so that you can use it with confidence around your furry friends.
Simply spritz into the atmosphere of an odorous environment to achieve quick and easy odour neutralisation that truly works! Choose from four fantastic fragrances: Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze and Lemongrass.

Odour Removal Gel


PowAir Gel is practical for almost any odour problems. One of the simplest ways to use this product is to remove the lid and leave it around the infected area to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air.


To increase the dispersion of the product, increase the surface area. This can be achieved by splitting the Gel crystals into small containers and distributing them throughout the effected area.


However, sometimes the problem can be that you are using more PowAir Gel than necessary and you need to decrease the amount that is being dispersed. This can be achieved by placing a smaller amount into a container and sealing the rest until the next time it needs to be used.

Consider using a PowAir Fan

The PowAir Fans are designed to sit snug on the top of our larger Gel containers in order to increase the dispersion of positive fragrances around your environment. To use, simply switch it on and let the fan take care of the rest.
PowAir Cyclone Fan – Fits onto our 20kg Gel Pails

PowAir Breeze Fan – Fits onto our 732g, 3.27kg Jar and 3.8kg Pail Gel products

Please be aware: If you choose to use a fan type dispenser to increase the distribution, this will result in a much quicker rate of consumption and the fan speeds should be regulated accordingly.

Odour Removal Liquids

PowAir Liquid is a versatile odour neutraliser. It can be added to Sprayers, diluted in cleaning solutions or used with automated dispensers such as our PowAir Mist Diffuser units. 

This multipurpose liquid is ready to use right out of the bottle or can by diluted with water to suit your strength requirements. Simply dispense the household odour eliminator on or around any unwanted odours and eliminate them safely, naturally and permanently.

You can find out more about PowAir Liquid and how you can use this odour neutraliser to suit your requirements by watching the following video tutorial.

PowAir Diffusers

At PowAir, our range of electronic Mist Diffusers is ever expanding. From our AutoMist Vehicle Odour Diffuser, to our PowAir Misting Dome, our diffusers are bound to help you eliminate odours from a wide range of environments.


You can find full video tutorials for our electronic diffusers as well as the full PowAir range over on our YouTube channel.