PowAir Misting Dome

Eliminate those lingering odours with a PowAir Misting Dome. An electronic odour neutraliser with built in LED lighting. Choose from Ice White or Light Green. Create a relaxing atmosphere filled with the pleasant fragrances of our PowAir Liquid. This neutralising diffuser unit pumps a steady mist of PowAir Liquid into your home or workplace providing you with natural odour elimination. Suitable for use to eliminate pet smells, and additional household odours.

PowAir Misting Dome with PowAir Odour Neutralising Liquid
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1x Misting Dome. 1x User Manual
PowAir Misting Dome Instructions

Please note: PowAir Liquid sold separately.
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Subtle Odour Removal Made Easy

The PowAir Misting Dome is an odour neutralising diffuser unit that works in conjunction with PowAir Liquids in order to complete natural odour elimination in your chosen environment. This electronic odour neutraliser will disperse a steady, gentle mist of essential oils into the atmosphere and work to eliminate odours from the source.


This diffuser is bound to become a staple in your home as it works to eliminate pet smells and a variety of other odours from the atmosphere and replace them with a fresh fragrance of essential oils.


We recommend diluting your PowAir Liquid by mixing with water. A ratio of 50% water and 50% PowAir Liquid is a good starting point, but this ratio can be adjusted depending on the environment. To tackle stronger odours, use more PowAir and for minor odour problems, use more water.

PowAir Misting Dome neutralising diffuser unit is a natural odour eliminator suitable for any environment

Effective, Natural Odour Elimination

The PowAir electronic odour neutraliser is easy to use. Simply lift away the Misting Dome lid to fill. The Misting Dome can hold up to 175ml of liquid which will last up to 10 hours. Once empty, the Misting Dome will shut off automatically for safety.


Once your odour neutralising diffuser unti is filled, replace the top section. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in and then press the Mist/Timer button, it will beep to confirm its switched on and the On light will illuminate. You can press this button again to cycle through the timing options. Pressing the Light button will cycle through lighting options. To turn off your misting dome, hold down the Mist/Timer button for 3 seconds, until all status lights turn of.

Where to Use the PowAir Misting Dome

The PowAir Misting Dome can be used wherever you feel is necessary to eliminate pet smells. With it’s unique design, this mist diffuser will fit perfectly in any living environment or office space.


Perhaps you may choose to pop your electronic odour neutraliser in your living room working to combat odours in the background throughout the day. Or maybe in the waiting area of your office building or business to welcome customers in with a natural fragrance of essential oils.


Some of the other places that you may choose to use your electronic odour neutraliser in include kitchens, bedrooms, dog grooming salons and hospitality environments like hotels and cafes.

PowAir Misting Dome is an electric odour neutraliser suitable to eliminate pet smells in your home


Product Name: Misting Dome

Product Size: 12* 12* 10.8cm

Net Weight: 200g

Power: Standard dedicated adapter

Input Adapter: AC100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4A Max

Output AC Adapter: DC 24V/0.6A

Rated Power of the Adapter: <14.5w

Spraying Mode: 1H/3H/5H/24H

Power of the Main Body: <10W

Atomising Frequency: 2.4MHz

Using Area: 10-15spm (approx)

Effective Tank Volume: 150ml (approx)

Material: PP, ABS, PVC

Auto Shut Off when liquid chamber is empty

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44 reviews for PowAir Misting Dome with 464ml Liquid

  1. Rachael Thacker

    Doesn’t eliminate, neutralise or mask any litter tray odur. Waste of money

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi Rachael, we’re sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product. The Misting Dome works to eliminate odours from the atmosphere of your environment and not the source. Therefore for litter tray smells, we recommend our Urine & Odour Spray. This product uses high performance enzymes and a proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils to eliminate odours (such as urine & faeces) at a molecular level, making it best suited for your odour removal requirements.

  2. Pauline Taylor

    Smells delicious !! Apple crumble. Is it supposed to be left on all the time ?

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi Pauline, the Misting Dome has four spraying modes: 1hr/3hr/5hr/24hr and will automatically shut off once all of the liquid has run out. You can leave your Misting Dome on for as long as you feel is necessary to eliminate the odours in your chosen environment.

  3. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Use every day and very beneficial

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  4. Yvonne Langton (Verified Purchase)

    Love these misting domes have one in every room and the large one in the dog room which is great and stops the doggie smells

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  5. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)

    Works great, but no liquid was received purchased a different one from amazon.

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi Sam, our Misting Dome and 464ml Liquid bundle is only available via the official PowAir Website and therefore, as your order was placed through Amazon, you were not eligible to also receive a PowAir Liquid. This further applies for our Harmony and AutoMist Odour Diffusers. For future reference, to receive a liquid with any diffuser orders, it’s best to go through our official site.

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