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    PowAir Gel

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    Penetrator Spray

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  • PowAir-Block-Group-Shot-compressor

    PowAir Block

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  • PowAir-Spray-Group-compressor

    PowAir Spray

  • PowAir-Mist-Group-Shot-compressor

    PowAir Mist

  • powair pet pack

    PowAir Pet Pack (Penetrator + Urine Torch)

  • PowAir Spray Card

    PowAir Spray Card

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What PowAir Product do you need?

Getting rid of smells like pets, mildew, sweat, gas, smoke and more has never been easier thanks to PowAir odour removal products. But with lots of options to choose from, which option works best to remove your odour issue? Just check the odour guide below.

non toxic

Non Toxic

Delivering the power to obliterate offensive odours naturally without harmful chemicals. Our PowAir odour neutralising products are non toxic and safe to use around people, pets and plants.

A True Odour Neutraliser

PowAir is a true odour neutraliser unlike other products which just scent the air. The PowAir molecules react with the odour molecules to permanently remove them from the air.

Natural Formulation

Our exclusive proprietary blend of 40 high quality essential oils are designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of odours than any other odour neutraliser.