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Neutralise odour anywhere, quickly and naturally

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  • PowAir Pet Safe and Cruelty Free 170g Blocks

    PowAir Block

  • PowAir Natural Odour Neutraliser Gels 400g & 732g

    PowAir Gel

  • Use PowAir Liquid as a natural home fragrance for simple household odour elimination and pet smell removal

    PowAir Liquid

  • PowAir Urine Stain and Odour Removal Spray

    PowAir Urine and Odour


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Neutralise odour naturally with PowAir, an odour eliminator for everyday life.

Where to use PowAir

odour neutraliser with no limits

PowAir for Pets

PowAir for Pets

The PowAir range is suitable for any and all pet odour problems. Remove bad smells from pet environments, near litter trays and even remove urine smells from carpets using PowAir Urine & Odour.

PowAir for eliminating Odour in your Home

PowAir in the home

PowAir odour neutraliser is the perfect answer to home odours, whether you’re looking for long lasting consistent odour removal, or a quick fix; PowAirs product range is a perfect solution.

PowAir for eliminating odours in public commercial spaces

PowAir in the office

Ensuring an office space is left odour free can help in more ways than you think. PowAir  odour neutraliser products can remove odour in any professional environment.


We’ve got it down to a science.

How does PowAir work to eliminate nasty odour problems? Well it all happens naturally on a molecular level. When you’re using our blocks, gels or sprays, PowAir evaporates and disperses into the air to neutralise odour molecules.


The rate of evaporation and dispersion is controlled by ambient conditions, such as air flow, temperature and humidity – in addition to the amount of product used. Scientifically speaking there are three methods of odour neutralisation that occur: adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction.

The science behind PowAir Odour Neutralisers and how to use our essential oil based formula correctly

Created by nature

Made from natural essential oils.

PowAir odour eliminator is a unique blend of natural essential oils that combine to give their powerful odour neutralisation capabilities. PowAir attacks, neutralises and destroys a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours. Designed to simplify odour control management. Formulated by our specialist chemists to remove odour, permanently.

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