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Nature's Odour Neutraliser

Tackle smelly shoes head on!

Tackle smelly shoes head on! How to prevent smelly shoes To some, the whole idea of ‘smelly’ shoes may seem completely trivial; but shoe odour and the embarrassment associated with it is a very real issue for many. The problem of course begins with our feet; shoes are...

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Smelly car? PowAir can help with that.

Smelly car? PowAir can help with that. You may sit back in your car and think ‘my car really does smell’. Once you notice these odours your next question is ‘how do I remove these foul odours permanently?’ Firstly you will need to find the source of the odours and...

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Wet Weather… Wet Dog!

We weather, wet dog. Apart from routine baths, most dogs aren’t in frequent contact with water, but the colder, rainiest months do see an increase in exposure, resulting in wet and subsequently stinky coats! Whilst the dry weather has become an almost distant memory,...

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How to keep your home smelling fresh

How to keep your home smelling fresh With a multitude of interior design options available; from contemporary living to more traditional styles, we all have different interpretations of what makes a house a home. But, whether our homes have bohemian or rustic...

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Flood Odours

Flood Odours Affecting your Home? Say Goodbye to Damp Musty Smells! Anyone who has had the misfortune of suffering a flood in their home or workplace know that the resulting flood odours can be extremely unpleasant. Long after water levels drop, damp musty rotting...

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Remove Smoke Odours from your Home

Getting smoke odours out of your Home Everyone who lives in a smoking home or knows a smoking home knows the extent of the odour problem that smoking cigarettes creates. The smoke particles from cigarettes permeate the home, in the furniture, walls, carpets, curtains...

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How to Remove Pet Odours

Pet Odours - The Cause What is the cause of pet odours? We all love pets! However they can also unfortunately bring unpleasant odours into the home that are undesirable and can lessen the happiness our pets bring us. Animals have natural smells that are not pleasant...

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