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PowAir Harmony Mist Diffuser - Natural Essential Oils

Harmony Mist Diffuser

Our PowAir Harmony Mist Diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist into the air of the environment, to eliminate foul odours and replace them with a natural, fresh smell created with essential oils. This electronic eliminator has built in LED light settings and several misting options. The perfect natural aroma diffuser to remove unwanted odours such as bedroom smells, whilst also creating a relaxing environment.

Harmony Mist Diffuser with PowAir Odour Neutralising Liquid
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Harmony Mist Diffuser

Set to constant misting, or intermittent (15 second on, 15 second off) to suit your requirements.

Harmony Mist Diffuser

USB powered, plug into a USB supported power outlet, turn on and you are good to go.

Harmony Mist Diffuser

Several LED changing lights, enhancing and creating a relaxing atmosphere in any environment.

Harmony Mist Diffuser

Use with any PowAir Liquid for best results, neutralising odours & giving you a great smelling environment.

PowAir Harmony Mist Diffuser - Natural Essential Oils

Our Harmony Mist Diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist into the air of the environment, working to remove unwanted odours and replacing them with a natural, fresh smell created with essential oils.

This electronic odour eliminator is a quiet device that can fit perfectly in any environment around your home, office and work space. The colour changing feature can be set to individual colours, or a gradient mix.

For best results, use this natural aroma diffuser with PowAir Liquids. PowAir Liquids will come in a concentrated state, so if too strong, dilute with water until satisfied with strength.




You can control the Harmony Mist Diffuser from the singular button located on the front.

Pressing once will turn on the device, the mist will start to disperse into the air and the default light setting will turn on, which is a gradual gradient colour change.

Pressing twice will fix the light colour on its current colour.

Pressing a third time will change the mist setting to intermittent instead of constant.

Pressing the button a fourth time will shut down the device completey. You can also hold down the button during any mode to turn off the device.


Product Name: PowAir Harmony Mist Diffuser
Type of Product: LLD-XXJ04
Material Quality: ABS/PP/PC/Electronic Components
Operating Voltage: DC5V
Working Current: 5V/0.8A
Operating Power: 4W
Quota Power: 5W
Spray Quantity: 30ML/H
Use Area: 10m2 – 15m2
Water Tank Capacity: 180ML
Product Dimensions: 117*117*112MM
Product Weight: 250GProduct Inspection: Qualified
Executive Standard: GB4706.48-2009

5 reviews for Harmony Mist Diffuser

  1. amanda f. (Verified Purchase)

    Love this diffuser bought this one as matches my sideboard it’s also great I can use around my pets

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  2. Tamsin Mathias (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing little product

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  3. HELEN WILLIAMS (Verified Purchase)

    Great product, what does what it says it does bye neutralising dog/cat smell. Only annoying thing for me, is that you have to fill the compartment quite often and have to clean it every 3/5 days. But otherwise it is a really good product, PLUS it looks FAB!

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  4. HELEN WILLIAMS (Verified Purchase)

    I already have 2 of these misting domes in my home, that I use every single day to mask my English Bulldogs ‘fragrance’! he he So this dome was bought for my son + partner and for their 2 house kitties, as its made such a difference in our home! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

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  5. Nicola M. (Verified Purchase)

    A nice enough wee diffuser but I think I was expecting something different, more specifically for reducing dog odours. I already have two diffusers so wouldn’t have bothered buying another one for this price if I’d known.

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi Nicola, whilst our diffusers are fantastic for creating a relaxing, fresh smelling environment, we highly recommend our Urine & Odour Spray for targeting dog odours at their source. This spray uses an enzymatic formula to not only break down the bad smell but also completely render it null and inert. Our friendly sales team are always on hand to help with any product enquiries you may have before purchasing in the future.

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