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PowAir Spray Card

PowAir Spray Card

The ultra portable 12ml PowAir Spray Card is small, thin and fits easily into your pocket or handbag, allowing you to have protection from unwanted odours while on the move.


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PowAir Spray Card

Handy, convenient odour neutraliser

We designed the PowAir Spray card to give our customers the best solution of keeping bad odours away no matter where you are or what you are doing. The Spray card is smaller than your generic credit/debit card and holds 12ml of liquid. As with all PowAir products, it’s safe to use around people and animals. 

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6 reviews for PowAir Spray Card

  1. Rachel D. (Verified Purchase)

    Lovely fragrance great size

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  2. Jane S. (Verified Purchase)

    Perfect to carry in your handbag and use went out about and in the car eliminates dog smells

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  3. Nancy Foulser (Verified Purchase)

    This is great to use in car just put in your handbag so useful nancy

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  4. Helen P. (Verified Purchase)

    Cute but I think RRP is a little high.

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  5. Susan Lawrence (Verified Purchase)

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