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PowAir Sport


Eliminate odours from sports gear with PowAir Sport spray! Simply spray it onto your sports gear to neutralise odours at the source. PowAir Sport spray is a powerful blend of natural essential oils, beneficial bacteria and high-performance enzymes that safely eliminates odours caused by bacteria, sweat and organic material. PowAir Sport is biodegradable and safe to use on sports equipment, athletic apparel, footwear, gym bags and more.

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PowAir Sport

Eliminate odours from sports gear with PowAir Sport spray!


How to Use

1) Shake well before using.
2) Test small amount on hidden material to ensure colour fastness.
3) Fully saturate affected area and let dry.
4) Repeat treatment as necessary.

How does the PowAir Sport Spray work?

The essential oil molecules in PowAir Sports Spray bond to odour molecules and neutralise foul odours on contact.

Is PowAir Sport Spray Safe?

Yes! PowAir Sport Spray and all our products do not contain any toxic or harmful ingredients. They're safe to use around children.

How is PowAir Sport Spray different from other types of deodorisers?

Most deodorisers merely mask nasty smells. Powair Sport Spray eliminates them.

'I used it for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked

against all the bacteria and smell in my hockey bag. I would buy it again!'

- Shannon B


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464ml, 922ml


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