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Remove stains & odours with PowAir's natural, pet safe odour neutraliser range

Why choose PowAir?

How does PowAir work to remove stains & odours? Well it all happens naturally on a molecular level When you’re using natural, pet safe odour neutralisers, such as our blocks, gels or sprays, the PowAir formula evaporates and disperses into the air to neutralise odour molecules.


The rate of evaporation and dispersion is controlled by ambient conditions, such as air flow, temperature and humidity – in addition to the amount of product used. Scientifically speaking there are three methods of odour neutralisation that occur: adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction.

Made from natural essential oils

PowAir odour eliminator is a unique blend of natural essential oils that combine to remove stains & odours directly from their source. These natural, pet safe odour neutralisers attack, remove and destroys a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours. Designed to simplify odour control management. Formulated by our specialist chemists to remove odours permanently.

PowAir's Odour Eliminator range is made up of plant-based active ingredients

Active Ingredients

Remove Stains & Odours with PowAir's Natural fragrances


Use PowAir's pet safe, natural odour neutralisers for guaranteed results


PowAir Odour Eliminators remove stains in a way that is pet safe and cruelty free


PowAir's natural, pet safe odour neutralisers provide long-lasting results


PowAir Odour Eliminators use a Vegan Formula to Remove Stains & Odours


The natural choice for an odour-free lifestyle

Unlike generic air fresheners, PowAir is an odour eliminator that provides permanent results achieved at a molecular level.

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