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Get around the clock odour neutralisation in your home with the PowAir Home Scents subscription. Includes: PowAir Block, Penetrator Spray (464ml) and PowAir Gel (400g).

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PowAir Subscriptions

The Home Subscription that just makes sense

The PowAir Home Scents subscription has been hand picked by us to give you the upper hand in the fight against odour in your home. Using a range of our products suitable for every room in your home.

Don’t let odours rule the roost

Every single room in your home can present it’s own odours, from your bathrooms to your kitchens, there is no end to the different odours you may encounter. Every PowAir product is suitable for any odour, though we believe for instant and long lasting results, a mix of our products will produce the best results.

Every room presents its own challenge

Using our products with maximum efficacy is the key, here is our home scents guide.

Living Room

The living room is the centre of most family homes, using long lasting products can ensure no odours are present.


Recommended products: Blocks, Gels for long lasting neutralisation & Sprays for instant results.


Your kitchen is used every single day – producing loads of interesting odours. PowAir is fantastic in this environment.


Recommended products: Blocks, Gels for long lasting neutralisation & Sprays for instant results.


The Bathroom is probably where you will encounter the worst odours in your home, the perfect home for our products!


Recommended products: Blocks, Gels, Sprays & Mists. Using a Mist Dispenser would product continuous odour neutralisation.


Arguably where people spend most of their time, albeit sleep. It’s important to keep your bedrooms odour free!


Recommended products: Blocks, Gels for long lasting neutralisation. Misting Domes also work extremely well.

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2 reviews for PowAir Subscription

  1. Amanda Grant (Verified Purchase)

    Perfect for when you just need to get rid of a smell from bins or burnt toast – Will definitely buy again

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  2. denise (Verified Purchase)


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