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It’s time to start neutralising them with PowAir. Natural, plant based active ingredients that really work! Due to PowAir’s excellent odour neutralisation capabilities and different forms, sizes and dispenser types, this odour removal product can be used in a vast array of different situations from home use to industrial applications. Below are a list of some of the most popular applications in which PowAir is currently employed, however as this product destroys almost all known odours, the application can be applied to almost any odorous problem.

Discover the science behind PowAir Odour Neutralisers

Pet Odours

Your pets naturally come with a multitude of bad odours. Luckily, PowAir’s unqiue formula is perfect for neutralising these unwanted pet smells both quickly & permanently.

Neutralise foul odours in your home and leisure investment with PowAir Odour Neutralisers

Home & Leisure

Your home is your sanctuary & ensuring that you keep it smelling fresh is important. To do so, PowAir have a wide range of pet safe odour neutralisers to choose from.

Eliminating Sports & Fitness Odours with PowAir

Sports & Fitness

Keeping yourself and your sports equipment smelling good can be hard. That’s why we highly recommend our enzymatic formula to neutralise odours directly from their source!

Remove odours in the workplace with PowAir Odour Neutralisers


Office environments often have a big footfall, and with people coming and going, a plethora of odours will become present. Our natural odour neutralisers will do the trick!

Safely and permanently eliminate odours in health care environments with PowAir

Health Care

There is no doubt health care facilities are presented with some challenging odours on a daily basis PowAir naturally remove odours from the source, providing instant results.

Remove unwanted odours in public facilities with our range of natural odour neutralisers

Public Facilities

Environments that see a lot of public footfall often incur different, unpleasant odours. Our products provide discreet & effective means to combat odours in public environments.

Permanently neutralise smoke smells inside your vehicle with PowAir


Overtime vehicles are commonly subject to several unwanted odours and PowAir have the solutions to help you keep on top of them no matter their strength or your location.

Keep on top of unwanted odours within the hospitality sector with PowAir Odour Neutralisers


The hospitality industry is fast paced, and can present challenging odours all the time. Our wide range of odour neutralisers will certainly help keep these foul smells at bay.

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