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Where to use PowAir?

Removing unwanted odours with PowAir.

Due to PowAir’s excellent odour neutralisation capabilities and different forms, sizes and dispenser types, this odour removal product can be used in a vast array of different situations from home use to industrial applications. Below are a list of some of the most popular applications in which PowAir is currently employed, however as this product kills almost all known odours, the application can be applied to almost any odorous problem.

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Pet Odours

Your pets naturally come with a multitude of weird smells and bad odours. PowAirs unique formula is perfect for neutralising those odours instantly and in the long term.

Sports & Fitness

Keeping fit and playing sports is a part of a lot of peoples lives. Keeping yourself and your equipment smelling good can be hard. PowAir neutralises any odours you find!

Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Ensuring that you keep it smelling great is important. PowAir has a range of products to keep your home odour free, and safe to use around your family.


The hospitality industry is fast paced, and can present odour challenges all the time. We have a range of products suited to different aspects of this industry to keep things odour free.

Health Care

Health care facilities will obviously be presented with some very challenging odours on a day to day basis. Our products are safe to use around people and provide instant results.

Public Facilities

Environments that see a lot of public footfall often incur different, unpleasant odours. PowAir products can provide a discreet and effective means to combat odours in public environments.


People use their cars on a regular basis, uncommonly for long periods of times. PowAir can keep that environment fresh and smelling clean and neutralise any odours introduced into the vehicle.

Odour Neutralisation?

We’ve got it down to a science.

How does PowAir work to eliminate your nasty odour problems? Well it all happens naturally on a molecular level. When you’re using our blocks, gels or sprays, PowAir evaporates and disperses into the air.


The rate of evaporation and dispersion is controlled by ambient conditions, such as air flow, temperature and humidity – in addition to the amount of product used. Scientifically speaking there are three methods of odour neutralisation that occur: adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction.


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