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PowAir Block

Take control of odours in small spaces with PowAir Block. This solid odour neutraliser works by attacking unwanted odour molecules that are lingering in the atmosphere of your leisure or working environment. The natural, plant based active ingredients within the product will bond with any odour molecules and effectively eliminate them.

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remove pet stains with PowAir's pet smell neutralising spray


PowAir Odour Neutralisers are extremely versatile meaning you can use them to eliminate a variety of odours in a wide range of environments.

Pet pee accidents and cat pee odour removal has never been easier with our urine odour eliminator

Long Lasting

Our natural, plant based odour eliminators are a quick and easy solution to long lasting odour protection in your home or workplace.

PowAir Odour Neutralisers are made from natural ingredients


The entire PowAir range is made up of natural, plant based active ingredients that really work to eliminate odours at their source

Where to use PowAir Odour Removal Wax Block

Where to use: PowAir Block

We highly recommend PowAir Blocks for use in smaller areas such as cupboards, small bedrooms, kitchens and even cars and motorhomes (fitting comfortably in your vehicles cup holder).


Additionally, PowAir Blocks can help to reduce allergens and work towards creating a healthier environment for everyone in your home. Why not pair your Block with PowAir Urine & Odour Spray? Simply spritz your cats litter tray with Urine & Odour, fill it with cat litter and complete by sitting a PowAir Block inside!


Made from natural, plant based active ingredients, PowAir Blocks are perfect for any home, leisure or working environment.

How to use: PowAir Block

PowAir Blocks are super easy for all to use. Simply unscrew the lid, remove the foil seal, as well as the paper covers from underneath the screw lid, and replace the top section.


Tip: Keep the paper covers and replace them underneath the ventilated lid when there are no odours in the area to eliminate. This will increase the lifespan of your Block.


Estimated Unit Lifetime: 1000+ hours of safe and constant odour removal, based on ambient temperature in a small sized area.

PowAir Block is an innovative product in a solid form that’s designed to eliminate odours in small spaces such as cupboards, storage areas, vehicles and leisure lodges.

This odour neutraliser is not a masking agent as it uses a unique, natural formula made up of plant based active ingredients to capture and eliminate odours on contact. Available in multiple fantastic fragrances, this solid formula is safe to use around both children and pets in residential and commercial environments.

We highly recommend using PowAir Blocks when wanting to eliminate unwanted odours in small spaces and thousands of our happy customers would also agree! Hear from them below…

What’s the difference between PowAir and generic air fresheners?
Unlike air fresheners that only mask odours, PowAir actually eliminates odours. Our proprietary blend of natural high quality plant based essential oils neutralise odours at a molecular level. We do not use any harmful chemicals, use PowAir to eliminate any unhealthy odours and enjoy your life.

Is PowAir safe?
Oh yes! PowAir products do not contain any toxic or dangerous ingredients. We are very proud to have a natural formula that actually works and is safe to use around your family and your pets.

Is your range safe to use around children and babies?
Yes! We openly advertise as being a family and pet-safe brand due to our natural plant-based formulas; all of our products free of harmful chemicals and alcohol, ingredients that you will regularly find in commonly used household items. We have safety data sheets available for viewing on our website showing that our plant-based essential oils are low level and pet safe.

Water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate and essential oils.

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56 reviews for PowAir Block

  1. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

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  2. Patricia (Verified Purchase)

    Ordered this for small areas it’s best working neutraliser on market and lasts way longer than supermarket ones

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  3. Elizabeth Efreme (Verified Purchase)

    I thought just another airfreshner,but I was mistaken . This works really well at eliminating doggy smells from the house without leaving a strong fragrance. Will definitely order again.

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  4. Tibor (Verified Purchase)

    Doesn’t work at all

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our product. We highly recommend using PowAir Blocks for small areas such as bathrooms and storage cupboards, and so if the odour which you are trying to eliminate is in a larger area, we would highly suggest trying out our versatile PowAir Gels. If you’d like more advice on which product best suits your odour issue, we are always more than happy to help over email!

  5. Helen P. (Verified Purchase)

    This is my favourite for home use I think.

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