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  • PowAir Penetrator Enzymatic Stain and Odour Spray


  • PowAir Pet Safe and Cruelty Free 170g Blocks

    PowAir Block

  • PowAir Natural Odour Neutraliser Gels 400g & 732g

    PowAir Gel

  • PowAir Sprays 250ml

    PowAir Spray

  • powair mist apple crumble

    PowAir Mist

  • Permanent odour neutraliser working in conjunction with odour removal gels to eliminate indoor smells

    PowAir Breeze Fan

  • powair-cyclone-fan

    PowAir Cyclone

  • PowAir Mist Dispenser Odour Neutraliser

    PowAir Mist Dispenser

  • PowAir Urine Detector Torch makes finding pet pee markings, such as cat spray stains and puppy training accidents, easy

    PowAir Pet Urine Detector

  • Sale! PowAir urine & odour and urine torch odour neutralisation

    PowAir Pet Pack (Urine & Odour Spray + Urine Torch)

  • PowAir Air Filter

    PowAir Air Filter

  • PowAir Block Dispenser effectively removes household odours acting as natural smell remover

    PowAir Block Dispenser


All PowAir products are made with a natural formula based on essential oils made from natural and safe ingredients, creating odour neutralisation as nature intended.

PowAir is 100% against animal testing. We have created an entirely cruelty free product which is also safe to use around your all of your pets in your home.

Absolutely non of the ingredients used in PowAir products are classified as toxic. So you can be rest assured our products are safe to use in any environment.

PowAir does not contain any alcohol within it’s products. Instead, we let nature takes its course with a complex natural formula. Better for you, better for the environment.


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