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PowAir Gel

PowAir Gel

Put down your air freshener and start using an odour neutraliser. PowAir Gel is the number one odour neutraliser to eliminate bad smells at your home and workplace. Use to tackle a wide range of odour problems and create a clean and fresh environment.

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The PowAir Gel

Unit Weight: 1.08 Kg

Sizes: Available in 400g Jar, 732gJar, 3.8Kg, 20Kg Pail

Scents: The PowAir Gel comes available in three great scents: Apple Crumble, Passion fruit and Tropical Breeze.

Top Tip: Decant your PowAir Gel in to smaller containers to treat small areas or to treat multiple areas at once. Store any un-required Gel for future use in the original container.

PowAir Gel

The Odour Neutraliser that goes the extra mile

Are you still using air fresheners to cover up smells? If you are, you aren’t actually doing anything to take care of the smell, you are just masking an odour that is present. PowAir Gel uses essential oil based odour removal technology to quickly and safely remove bad smells rather than just covering them up.


PowAir can be used in any home or workplace and absorbs the odorous molecules in a large area, taking out the smell permanently. It is also infused with pleasant fragrances to leave the air smelling clean and fresh.

PowAir Gel

Using the PowAir Gel with maximum efficacy

One of the simplest way to use PowAir Gel is to remove the lid and leave it around the infected area to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air (occasionally shake the jar to agitate the contents). This is okay if you only have one area that needs treatment, however if there is a large area that needs to be neutralised then you will need a way to disperse the gel further throughout the affected area. There are a few ways that this can be achieved.

The first is to use one of our excellent fan-type dispensers that will greatly increase the distribution of the PowAir. The Breeze Fan is designed to fit on the 732g, 3.27Kg Jar and 3.8Kg Pail Gel products, and the Cyclone Fan is designed to go on the 20 Kg pails. These fans sit snug on top of the container and have a number of fan settings to suit your needs, simply switch on and let the fans take care of the rest. You should be aware though that if you are going to be using a fan type dispenser to increase the distribution, this will result in a much quicker rate of consumption and the fan speeds should be regulated accordingly.

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83 reviews for PowAir Gel

  1. Lorraine (verified owner)

    Eliminates all odours

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  2. Elaine M. (verified owner)

    Great products- with four dogs it has to work hard!!

    (0) (0)
  3. Anthony Kavanagh (verified owner)

    This stuff is really good, actually does what it says.

    (0) (0)
  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    Was given a sample at a dog show and so impressed I ordered another gel online. Great product

    (0) (0)
  5. Jane (verified owner)

    Great product really does what it says on the tin. No doggy smells any more 🐕 really unobtrusive I like it as it doesn’t smell. I am allergic to the fake air freshener s and I don’t react to this one

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