Spring Cleaning Bundle

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning! To help finish everything off and safely remove foul odours that may be lingering in the air, we have a special bundle available. Complete effective deep cleaning with help from PowAir’s natural, enzymatic formula.


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  • Pet Safe & Cruelty Free
  • Eliminates Odours Guaranteed
  • 100% Non Toxic Ingredients
  • Plant-Based Odour Neutraliser

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Spring into the new season with PowAir

Complete effective deep cleaning activities from your home this spring by permanently removing foul odours from your home, office or workplace. Kick off the new season with a fresh scent of natural essential oils in fragrances of Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze.


Not forgetting that our Penetrator Spray is fantastic at neutralising smells such as sweat, urine, faeces, grease, vomit & pheromones directly from the source using its enzymatic formula. It’s enough to put a spring in your step!

PowAir Spring Cleaning Bundle
PowAir Spring Cleaning Bundle

What’s inside our Spring Cleaning Bundle?

Take your Spring clean to the next level with our Spring Cleaning Bundle. Get rid of those bad odours from the get go!


Bundle Contents:

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11 reviews for Spring Cleaning Bundle

  1. Caroline Leitch (Verified Purchase)

    Not as good as I had been told. For example my dog was sick on the rug. I sprayed it after cleaning it and sprayed with the Penetrator it still smelt the next day. I then got the carpet shampooed out and re-did it. When it was dry I used the Penetrator again. Could still smell it. I left the rug on the line overnight and all day and used nearly all the can of spray until the aroma went. So not as good as it makes out and expensive if it takes all that spray to try and mask an aroma.

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  2. Nancy Foulser (Verified Purchase)

    I have used these wonderful products for 5yrs now and having a lot of dogs never found a product that could take away the doggy scent ,then went to Kent show ground and found the wonderful pow air products ,excellent from day one left a pot in every room within 2days best friend asked have you still got dogs ,just try the product no sprays or plug ins this pow air works nancy

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  3. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Really impressed with this bundle smells amazing and does eliminate bad smells. Highly recommended

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  4. Eren (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely love the gels they work so well

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  5. sabrina (Verified Purchase)

    It is a good bundle I haven’t used it long enough, but I am confident it will eliminate the odors

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