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PowAir Cyclone Bundle


PowAir Cyclone Bundle

Ideal for commercial or large spaces, this bundle combines the powerful formula of the PowAir Gel with the Cyclone fan system to provide you with a consistent flow of odour neutraliser. The PowAir Gel Cyclone Bundle contains a PowAir Cyclone Fan and a PowAir Gel 20 Kg Pail (fragrance of your choice), includes 20% off.


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PowAir Gel

Powerful and consistent odour neutralisation

 This fantastic odour neutraliser permanently eliminates almost any airborne smell, cleanly and effectively – bonding directly with the odorous molecules in the air to render them null and inert and eliminate the odorous molecules permanently. Unlike other odour treatment products which are just odour masking agents, this is a true odour removal agent giving you the ultimate in odour control.

The Cyclone Fan System

The distribution solution to odour neutralisation

The PowAir Cyclone fan is a high quality PowAir Gel distribution system that is designed to work exclusively on a 20 KG pail of PowAir Gel. The Cyclone fan increases both the rate of evaporation of PowAir Gel and the airflow in the area being used which provides efficient high volume, high capacity odour control in the worst odour conditions. All while using less power than your typical light bulb.

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