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PowAir Gel Breeze Bundle

PowAir Breeze Fan Bundle increases the rate of evaporation of our Odour Eliminator Gels. Neutralise indoor smells in a cost effective manner by eliminating smells in large spaces quickly and easily. Developed to work exclusively with PowAir Gel products, providing you with permanent odour removal.

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PowAir Gel

3.8Kg Pail

PowAir Breeze Fan

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Weight: 1kgs (2.2lbs)

Ship Weight: 1.1kgs (2.4lbs)

Output: 35 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

Power Consumption: Up to 2 Watts

Power Adapter: Included

Use with PowAir Gel Containers: 732g | 3.8Kg


Limited Warranty

Covers: Product Defects & Workmanship

Does NOT cover: Physical Damage or Wear & Tear beyond the normal intended use

Required: Original Proof of Purchase

Using Area: 10-15spm (approx)

Shipping: Any require dshipping for approved warranty redemption will be at customer’s expense.

Neutralising Odours is a Breeze

PowAir Breeze Fan Bundle increases the rate of evaporation of our Odour Eliminator Gels. Eliminating smells in large spaces, this fan neutralises indoor smells in a cost effective manner. This permanent odour remover device was developed to work exclusively with PowAir Gel products. Compatable with PowAir Gels in the following sizes: 732g Jar and 3.8k Pail.


PowAir Breeze Fan includes high and low speed options for high or moderate intensity odours. It can provide permanent odour removal for a room up to 1,500 square feet (15,000 cubic feet) or 166 square meters (500 cubic meters) max. If you want to neutralise indoor smells and offensive odours, the Breeze Fan is affordable, effective and perfect at eliminating smells in large spaces.

Eliminating smells in large spaces and neutralising indoor smells has been ,ade easy with the PowAir Breeze Fan Bundle

Where to Use PowAir Gel

PowAir Odour Eliminator Gel is an ideal solution for eliminating smells in large spaces and neutralising indoor smells. The PowAir Breeze Fan Bundle and our permanent odour removal Gels can be used virtually anywhere but is most commonly used in bathrooms, living areas, kitchens and offices. Keep nasty odours at bay and eliminate them successfully, permanently and safely with help from PowAir.

Not forgetting that our entire product range is also pet safe and cruelty free so you can use our products around both pets and children with confidence.

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5 reviews for PowAir Gel Breeze Bundle

  1. Deborah Marshall (Verified Purchase)

    I am unable to comment as I haven’t opened it yet I’ve bought it for my new home to use when I move I’m sure it’ll exceed my expectations so I’ve given a 5 star just from my reading of reviews

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  2. Ken Young (Verified Purchase)

    Had my house decorated top to bottom after 2 month started to get a horrid smell like mucky smell this was in the kitchen and the bedroom cost a lot of money trying to get rid of this filthy odour we had only moved in so i managed to find pow air gelbreeze this has got rid of the foul smell if you have a smell try gell breezeit worked for me ken

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  3. Mr A Whetton (Verified Purchase)

    Great products – very effective and competitively priced

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  4. Matthew V. (Verified Purchase)

    Quick delivery and easy to use

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  5. Audrey Taylor (Verified Purchase)

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