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autofresh odour neutraliser vehicle odour neutraliser

AutoMist Odour Diffuser with 464ml Liquid

The PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist of PowAir Liquid into the air of your car to eliminate bad car smells and replace them with a natural, fresh scent created with essential oils. This vehicle odour neutraliser fits neatly into your cup holder and is also suitable for use in your home or workspace as an electronic odour remover.

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AutoMist Odour Diffuser

The AutoMist vehicle mist diffuser is a compact vehicle odour diffuser, the same size as a coffee cup, the AutoMist is the perfect solution for odour neutralisation in your car, van, motorhome and any other vehicle.

PowAir Liquid

PowAir Liquid is an essential oil-based home fragrance that is designed to eliminate virtually any type of odour from any indoor environment using its natural formula of plant based active ingredients. This product can be used in conjunction with our sprayers and electronic mist dispensers.

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car odour neutraliser - car smells - automist

The same size as a regular coffee cup! Fits in your vehicles cup holder perfectly.

car odour neutraliser - car smells - automist

USB powered, plug into your car, turn on and you are good to go.

car odour neutraliser - car smells - automist

Two settings of mist. Choose between constant and periodically.

car odour neutraliser - car smells - automist

Use with any PowAir Liquid for best results, neutralising odours & giving you a great smelling car.

car odour neutraliser - car smells - automist

RGB Lighting on top of the diffuser. Choose between multi-coloured and single coloured.

Our AutoMist vehicle odour neutraliser disperses a steady, gentle mist into the air of your vehicle to eliminate bad car smells, and any unwanted odours that may be present, replacing them with a natural, fresh scent created with essential oils.

This elecronic odour remover is a quiet device that can fit perfectly in your cars cup holder, so it won’t hang from any mirrors, or stick out from your dashboard. The colour changing feature can be set to individual colours, or a gradient mix.

For best results, use the AutoMist Mist Diffuser with PowAir Liquids. PowAir Liquids will come in a concentrated state, so if too strong, dilute with water until satisfied with strength.




Hold to turn on. Press once to cycle mist functions. Press twice to turn off.

Press to change light functions. Either solid or changing.

Due to an automatic safety shut off feature, during the first use please allow up to 4 minutes for the AutoMist device to fully absorb the liquid.


Product Name: AutoMist
Colour: White / Black
Rated Voltage: DC5V
Rated Current: 300MA
Rated Power: 1.5-2W
Tank Capacity: 300ml
Spray Quantity: 25-40ML/H
Continuous Spray Mode Time: Approx 4 hour
Intermittent Spray Mode Time: Approx 6 hours
Product Size: 69*69*152MM
Net Weight: 150G
Inspection: Qualified
Standards: GB 4706. 1-2005/GB 4706.48-2009

1 review for AutoMist Odour Diffuser with 464ml Liquid

  1. Mark B. (Verified Purchase)

    I haven’t had the diffuser and liquid long. I’ve only used it twice, for short periods. I generally like both. I found a small amount of the liquid to water gave a pleasant smell. I like the diffuser in intermittent spray. I wish there was an intermittent slow and fast speed as there is little time between sprays. I did not realize that the spray looks like smoke emitting from the diffuser

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