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PowAir Penetrator Spray

Penetrator Spray

PowAir Penetrator is a powerful surface spray that combines natural microbial enzymes and essential oils to safely eliminate organic odours trapped in materials such as cloth, textiles, upholstery, carpet, wood and concrete.


Penetrator permanently eliminates organic odours, including cat urine, sweat, body odour, vomit, faeces, blood, grease, mildew and smoke when trapped in porous materials.

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PowAir Penetrator

Dual Action Formula

Have you got problems with bad odours? We’ve all experienced bad smells in our life and at work, whether it be from our pets, our children or from many other sources beyond our control.


Fortunately there is solution that enables you to have full odour control. Penetrator spray will permanently remove offensive odours at speed and without the use of any harmful toxic chemicals. This makes it safe to use in commercial situations and around people and animals.

PowAir Penetrator

Don’t just mask the smell… Neutralise it!

Penetrator is not a masking agent unlike other brands which are merely scenting the air. Physically reacting with the bad smells and taking them out of the air and surfaces. Whilst doing this it also leaves behind a fresh and pleasant smell giving you instant results.


PowAir Penetrator is made from natural essential oils which are naturally derived, and include a range of microbial enzymes. The high performance enzymes are microbial products validated with scientifically backed performance data. The dual action performance that this gives makes it a unique and unrivalled odour neutraliser for the household and commercial market.

Using Penetrator

Penetrator will permanently eliminates organic odours such as;

  • Urine
  • Perspiration
  • Vomit
  • Faeces
  • Grease
  • Mildew
  • Smoke

And any musty odours that are trapped in porous or solid materials such as cloth, furniture, carpet, wood or concrete. Guaranteed! PowAir Penetrator is environmentally friendly and safe to use around your family and your pets.


How to Use
Spray Penetrator onto any surface or upholsters where bad odours are present and leave to absorb into the material. The Penetrator spray will get to action with the essential oils neutralising the bad smells and the enzymes breaking more stubborn smells down such as pet urine and fox faeces.

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36 reviews for Penetrator Spray

  1. Hannah Glazebrook

    I recently tried PowAir and was really surprised by how good it is. We have a young dog that unfortunately still makes a mess from time to time and a lot of the carpets and furniture have started to get that doggy smell. When using PowAir on our furniture not only was the smell really fresh and natural but it lasted all day. One of main things I noticed was that because it’s made with essential oils our dog wasn’t irritated by the smell like she has been with previous perfumed sprays and didn’t seem to mind when it had been sprayed near her or in her bed. I’d highly recommend this product to pet owners!

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PowAir | Permanently Eliminate Bad Odours