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PowAir Block Dispenser

PowAir Block Dispenser

Draw out the maximum potential of your PowAir Blocks using the PowAir Block Dispenser. Can stand alone or be fixed to a wall for ultimate portability around the chosen environment.


PowAir Blocks sold separately.


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PowAir Block Dispenser

Maximise Block Odour Neutralisation

The brand new PowAir Block Dispenser is a new highly effective and affordable distributor of PowAir odour neutraliser. Wall mounted, and battery operated (takes 2 x AA batteries). Simply place the PowAir Block into the slot inside the dispenser, and switch on the fan. This will drive PowAir out of the dispenser and into the surrounding area.


Set to 24 hr, day or night operation. Continuous, 2/2 or 5/15 min on off running time.

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