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Odour Removal Made Easy:
Wireless Mist Dispenser

In the quest to remove odours naturally, the MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser emerges as a game-changer. This compact yet powerful device is an innovative disinfection method working to effortlessly get rid of bad smells with a steady, gentle mist of PowAir Odour Removal Liquid, leaving behind a fresh and invigorating fragrance. Continue reading to explore the wonders of our wireless air purifier, how to use it effectively, and where it can make a significant impact.

Use the MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser to remove odours naturally


The MiniFogger stands out as a wireless mist dispenser designed for air purification and disinfection purposes. Boasting two spray modes, this effortlessly portable diffuser offers versatility in addressing tasks with either enhanced precision or broader coverage.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, PowAir’s newest diffuser device features a sleek and compact design, ensuring effortless portability. Its lightweight construction provides a comfortable grip, allowing for extended use without causing strain on your hand or wrist. Suitable for professional cleaners looking to remove odours naturally, & those seeking for added convenience in daily tasks. This portable device proves to be the perfect disinfection method and air purifier device. At the heart of the MiniFogger is its versatility. This is showcased through the two spray modes that empower users to handle tasks with precision or extensive coverage.

“An essential tool for anyone seeking a fresh and inviting environment.”

And we can’t forget about its negative ion blue light function too! The MiniFogger includes 6 blue light LED’s to enhance sterilisation. The blue light is a key component in enhancing the sterilisation efficacy of this device. Negative ions, generated alongside the blue light, work in tandem with the fogging process to neutralise airborne contaminants and disinfect the surroundings.


If you’ve reached this point, you’re aware that our Wireless Mist Dispenser stands out for its versatility. This is not only in terms of where it can be utilised but also in how it can be applied. Therefore, to provide effective guidance, we’ve created a visual guide on the optimal utilisation of the MiniFogger. Whether it’s for air purification or disinfection, our tips ensure that you maximize the potential of your mist dispenser in the right way, from the start.

PowAir MiniFogger air purifier with Tropical Breeze Odour Removal Spray


Are you seeking a quick and convenient way to freshen up your home before guests arrive? Consider attaching one of our PowAir Odour Removal Spray bottles to your MiniFogger. Yes, you heard correctly! Simply unscrew the spray top lid from one of our natural Odour Removal Sprays and replace it with our MiniFogger Dispenser unit. It’s incredibly simple, isn’t it?

MiniFogger Mist Dispenser is the perfect disinfection method to get rid of bad smells in any environment


Alternatively, you can discover the magic of our Odour Removal Liquid. Just take a PowAir Liquid in a fragrance of your choice, pour the solution into the tank of the MiniFogger, and adjust the solution strength to meet your preferences by diluting it with water. For stronger odours, we recommend using more PowAir Liquid, and for weak odours, use more water.


Home: Say goodbye to lingering cooking odours and unwanted pet smells; The PowAir MiniFogger is perfect for freshening up.


Office: Maintain a clean and odour-free workspace by using the MiniFogger as an air purifier in offices, meeting rooms, or common areas. Enhance the overall work environment and boost productivity with a fresh and invigorating atmosphere.


Cars, Motorhomes & Caravans: Whether it’s your car, motorhome, or boat, our Wireless Mist Dispenser is your go-to solution for getting rid of bad smells on the go. Enjoy a pleasant journey without being distracted by lingering smells.


Gyms and Locker Rooms: Combat the post-workout funk and remove odours naturally by utilising this handy gadget in gyms and locker rooms. Create an environment that encourages fitness enthusiasts to focus on their workouts without distraction.

PowAir MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser is the ideal air purifier for your motorhome

The MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser is a true innovation in the world of odour elimination. Whether used as an air purifier in the workplace or a disinfection method in your home, this dispenser is easy to use, and highly effective. Get rid of bad smells in your home and leisure investment and say hello to a space that is not only clean but also a pleasure to be in all thanks to the power of the MiniFogger.


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