Supplier of the Year
Finalists 2023

PowAir are pleased to announce that we have been selected as finalists in The Pet Quip Awards 2023 as Supplier of the Year. This recognition spotlights our dedication to excellence and ingenuity in delivering odour-neutralising solutions for both pet owners and businesses. Not only this but it also shows our commitment as a brand, confronting one of the most pervasive challenges faced by pet owners and pet-related enterprises: odours.

PowAir uses an all natural, pet safe formula that is 100% guaranteed to eliminate odours
PQ Award Finalists 2023
PowAir Merchandise modelled by the PowAir Team

Known for honouring remarkable contributions and advancements in the pet care sector, The Pet Quip Awards have positioned PowAir among the industry’s elite, indicating our dedication and unwavering passion for creating pet care products that genuinely work. It also highlights our distinct approach to odour management, centring around eco-friendly and pet-safe formulations, showing how our products are loved by both stockists and consumers across the country.


What truly sets PowAir apart is our unwavering commitment to crafting solutions that effectively combat odours without resorting to harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances that could pose risks to pets and humans. Our product range of odour eliminators have been developed to provide a long-lasting and secure solution for even the most stubborn of pet odours.

The acknowledgment from The Pet Quip Awards reflects our continuous dedication to brand enhancement and customer contentment. By grasping the requirements of pet owners and businesses, we have succeeded in forging a path that seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and efficacy. As finalists, we join several other contenders who have demonstrated exceptional service, quality, and influence on the pet care domain. Whether or not PowAir claims the top spot, this position shows our commitment to cultivating superior, fresher surroundings for pets and their guardians.

In a world where pets hold an increasingly integral role in our lives, this is a reminder of the pioneering strides unfolding in pet care. It encapsulates our brand’s pledge to enhance the quality of life for pets and their human counterparts—one odour-free breath at a time.

PowAir Merchandise modelled by the PowAir Team

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