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the ultimate PowAir


‘Tis the season of joy, love, and gift-giving, and what better way to spread Christmas cheer than with the gift of freshness? Welcome to the Ultimate PowAir Christmas Gift Guide, where we explore five innovative products that promise to make this holiday season unforgettable. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for pet owners, a home enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates a breath of fresh air, PowAir have a wide variety of products suitable for all. From stocking filler presents, car odour diffusers to wireless mist dispensers, we’ve got you covered this festive season..

Pets&You Jumbo Pet Wash Bag is a gift for pet owners old and new

the perfect stocking filler

Looking for a gift for pet owners on your list? The Pet Wash Bag is both thoughtful and practical, whilst also making the perfect stocking filler present. This durable zip top bag is designed to handle a variety of pet accessories, ensuring that your pet’s belongings are thoroughly washed whilst also retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle. At the same time a free flow of water still runs through the bag to clean your items. The perfect solution to removing dog and cat odours from your pets accessories without causing damage to your washing machine from pet hair.

PowAir's UV Urine Torch makes a fantastic gift for pet owners and the perfect stocking filler present

for the “pawrents”

Also for the pawrents on our christmas gift guide is the PowAir Urine Detector Torch; a specialised tool for tackling stubborn odours caused by pet urine. This powerful torch is a black light device that’s perfect for finding hidden pet pee markings on carpets and furniture. It’s the ultimate gift, and cupboard staple, for pet owners old and new who are looking to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home that is free of puppy training accidents and cat spray stains. This device also pairs incredibly well with our best-selling Urine Stain and Odour Removal Spray!

PowAir Car Odour Diffuser makes the perfect Stocking Filler Present
PowAir Christmas Gift Guide: AutoMist Car Odour Diffuser
PowAir AutoMist Car Odour Diffuser is the perfect gift for pet owners

electronics: the power of continuous freshness

Up next, the AutoMist Car Odour Diffuser; a game-changer in the world of natural odour neutralisers. Say goodbye to traditional sprays and hello to continuous freshness. The AutoMist is a discreet, USB operated device that releases a steady, gentle mist of your favorite PowAir Liquid scent into the atmosphere of your vehicle. Choose from either constant or intermittent liquid emission and multi-coloured or single coloured RGB lighting! It’s the perfect gift for pet owners and car enthusiasts who are wanting to maintain a consistently pleasant-smelling vehicle, on the go without lifting a finger.

*Comes with a 464ml PowAir Liquid in a fragrance of choice*

NEW in at PowAir


The ultimate PowAir Christmas gift guide woudln’t be complete without our BRAND NEW MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser. This compact powerhouse is designed to tackle odors head-on by emitting a fine mist of PowAir Odour Removal Liquid, effectively neutralising and eliminating odours in the atmosphere. With 2 modes of spray, the MiniFogger Wireless Mist Dispenser gives you the versatility to tackle more tasks either with even more precision, and coverage.


Wirless Mist Dispensers allow you to eliminate odours on a wider scale due to their lack of restrictions. Why not pop a MiniFogger under the tree for a loved one this Christmas!

Limited Time Only: Comes with a 464ml PowAir Liquid in a fragrance of choice.

PowAir's Christmas Gift Guide featuring NEW Wireless Mist Dispenser
PowAir Christmas Crumble Bundle for the ultimate Christmas Cleaning Activities

enhance the holiday spirit


This delightful bundle combines the magic of PowAir’s signature odour-neutralising technology with the warm, comforting scents of the season. The Christmas Crumble bundle includes a variety of PowAir products, each designed to combat unwanted odours and infuse your space with an inviting aroma of Apple Crumble. Each element in this bundle contributes to creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere during the holidays. Give the gift of a fresh and festive home with the PowAir Christmas Crumble bundle, a thoughtful and practical present that brings joy and comfort to any space.

Includes: Comes with a 464ml PowAir Penetrator Spray, 250ml PowAir Spray, 170g PowAir Block & a 400g PowAir Gel.

This festive season, give the gift of freshness with PowAir’s innovative lineup of products from our 2023 Christmas gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for pet owners, looking for a stocking filler present for family or even treating yourself, these solutions promise to elevate the air quality in any space. Unwrap the magic of PowAir and make this Christmas a truly refreshing experience for your loved ones. Merry Christmas from the PowAir Team!