Bring Nature Indoors with
Natural Odour Neutralisers

All Natural, Non Toxic Odour Neutralisation

Leisure Homes


Quietly & effectively eliminate odours from the atmosphere with our electronic Mist Diffuser Units.



Stay in control of mould and dampness in your storage cupboards with our best selling enzymatic formula.



Maintain a fresh smelling environment on board with a quick spritz of natural, pet safe essential oils.

Water Lodges


Achieve wide scale odour neutralisation that keeps on top of foul odours 24/7 with our PowAir Gel crystals.

Natural Odour Neutraliser for your Leisure Time

PowAir is a safe, natural odour neutraliser designed to completely eliminate odours whenever, and wherever they may arise! Using natural essential oil technology; we have eliminated the need for harsh chemicals, alcohol and other toxic ingredients. Available in a variety of sizes & formats, with four fantastic fragrances to choose from: Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze & Lemongrass. So why choose PowAir? Not to be confused with air fresheners, PowAir is a true odour neutraliser meaning odours are eliminated at the source and not temporarily masked. We boast a natural range that attacks, neutralises and destroys a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours, both at home and especially within the interiors of your leisure investment.

Natural Odour Neutraliser Range for Motorhomes & Van Conversions

Motorhomes & Van Conversions

As time goes by, your motorhome’s storage locker may be prone to mould and damp due to wet awnings and equipment, including footwear and clothing. Fortunately, the ideal remedy is PowAir Penetrator, which effectively combats lingering mould, dampness and potential mildew with its enzymatic formula.


In addition, we highly recommend using PowAir Blocks within this environment.

Odour Removal in Boats and Water Lodges

Boats & Water Lodges

Effortlessly maintain a fresh scent on your leisure craft with PowAir Spray; your go to solution for quick and effective odour neutralisation. Just spray as required to keep unpleasant odours at bay.


While your leisure craft is moored, consider the discreet and effective PowAir Misting Dome to quietly eliminate odours in the background. Both PowAir Spray and the PowAir Misting Dome are ideal for use in confined spaces.

Odour Removal in Leisure Homes and Static Caravans

Leisure Homes

Eliminate odours with the PowAir Harmony Mist Diffuser suited for use in your living space, kitchen or bedroom! This device works to remove odours by releasing a steady, gentle mist of PowAir Liquid made up of a proprietary blend on 40 natural essential oils.


We also recommend PowAir Gels for this environment to compliment the Harmony Mist Diffuser. Divide the crystals into smaller containers for wide scale odour neutralisation.

“The best air freshener we have found!”


“What a great product this is. It is by far the best air freshener we have found for use in our motorhome, especially in the  toilet/washroom. The fragrance is not in the least overpowering providing a subtle fragrance while the other ingredients neutralise any odours. Perfect size as well for small spaces such as this and also ideal for using in the living area when the motorhome is not in use over the winter to counteract any mustiness.”

– Martin Barnard

The Welcome Pack.

Introducing the PowAir Welcome Pack. A new product proving very popular within the leisure industry. This package is designed to be a gifted from you the manufacturer or dealership, and be presented to your valued customer upon completion of sale. The Welcome Pack comes to yourself as a duel branded item; packed and wrapped displaying your company name and logo (if required) for recognition of your excellent customer service!


As a gesture of good will, and to affirm these already excellent relationships with your clients, it is a kind and customer focused way of saying thank you for the individual purchasing from yourselves, holding your company in high esteem.


For further details regarding “The Welcome Pack,” including product information and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PowAir Leisure Welcome Pack

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