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Christmas Crumble Bundle

Eliminate those musty smells with our BRAND NEW Christmas Crumble bundle. Complete your festive cleaning with a hint of Apple Crumble and festive cheer! This bundle includes a PowAir Block (170g), PowAir Gel (400g), PowAir Spray (250ml) and PowAir Penetrator (464ml).

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Eliminate those musty smells

Take on festive cleaning with a fragrance of Apple Crumble and eliminate those musty smells.

Your Christmas Crumble breakdown

PowAir Penetrator permanently eliminates organic odours, like vomit and urine, that are trapped in materials such as cloth, carpet and wood.


PowAir Spray works to safely and permanently eliminate those musty smells using its essential oil based formula, infused with aromatic scents like Apple Crumble.


PowAir Block works to neutralise odours from your home or workplace and is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Similarly, PowAir Gels work in the same way, however its crystals can be separated into smaller pots to eliminate odours in larger areas.

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