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Spring Cleaning with PowAir

If you’re looking for an effective way to deep clean your home this spring, look no further than PowAir products! PowAir is the leading provider of odour and air purifying solutions designed to make your home smell fresher and cleaner than ever. PowAir offers a range of products to help you tackle your spring cleaning needs, including PowAir Spray, PowAir Gel, PowAir Breeze Fan, and PowAir Misting Dome. Each product works differently to achieve a deep clean that you can see, smell, and feel! With these powerful products, you can say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to fresh air and a sparkling home.

How to use PowAir this Spring

When it comes to spring cleaning, the goal is to give your home a thorough and deep clean. That’s why PowAir has the perfect suite of products to help you get the job done right.

powair spray - spring cleaning

PowAir Spray

This powerful, natural-based formula works wonders on any hard surfaces in your home – from countertops and bathrooms to high-traffic areas. Just spray it liberally around your chosen environment and let PowAir Spray work its magic to will help you eliminate odours.

PowAir Misting Dome - Spring Cleaning

PowAir Misting Dome

Our Mist Diffusers (including the Misting Dome) are a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere whilst also neutralising odours. To be used in conjunction with PowAir Liquids. Now the big question is, which diffuser will you choose? Will it be our Misting Dome, Harmony Diffuser or AutoMist?

PowAir Gel- Spring Cleaning

PowAir Gel

Use the PowAir Gel by simply unscrewing the lid and letting the crystals work their magic, releasing a pleasant fragrance into the air. Alternatively, you can pair your gel with a PowAir Breeze Fan. This fan works to disperse your fragrance of choice across a large surface area.

PowAir Odour Neutraliser Spring Cleaning bundle

Spring Bundle

Our Spring Cleaning Bundle contains all the essentials that you need to safely and permanently eliminate odours this Spring. Including a 464ml Penetrator Spray, a 250ml Apple Crumble PowAir Spray, a 170g Passion fruit PowAir Block and a 400g Tropical Breeze PowAir Gel.

What is the benefit of using PowAir for Spring Cleaning?

Using PowAir products will give you a deeper clean than traditional cleaning methods, making it easier to tackle those stubborn odours in your home. PowAir is not a masking agent. The products are also all non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment. Plus, you can save time and effort thanks to the easy-to-use applicators, so you can get your home odour free in no time.

With PowAir, you can get a deep clean in your home that’s second to none. So, don’t delay – get your spring cleaning done right with PowAir today!

PowAir Misting Dome - deep clean
spring cleaning

Why choose PowAir for Spring Cleaning?

What really sets PowAir apart is its ability to provide you with deep, comprehensive odour neutralisation. Not only do our products work quickly to remove odours, but they also offer long-term protection against bacteria, germs, and allergens. This means that not only will your space be thoroughly cleaned for spring, but it will stay that way for much longer than traditional cleaning methods.

With the convenience of online ordering and free shipping options, PowAir is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a deep clean this spring. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, PowAir has something to offer you that will make your space shine.