Using PowAir in Health Care
Using PowAir
in Health Care

Keeping the Health Care industry smelling fresh

PowAir has all the power you need to eliminate virtually any type of odour. If you have an odour problem; use PowAir and it will be eliminated safely, naturally and permanently.

Powerful odour neutralisation

Hospitals, care homes and other health care facilities encounter some extremely strong and unpleasant odours on a daily basis. PowAirs natural formula has been designed for these kinds of odours, removing them effectively and safely.

Neutralisation, around the clock

Health Care professionals work around the clock, and so do our products. Our products have the capabilities to keep odours at bay around the clock. Ensuring bad odour is eliminated all the time.


All of our products are clean and safe to use in any health care environment, with no risk of contamination or infection.

What we recommend for Health Care…

Any PowAir product will be highly effective against any odour present. Though we have selected part of our range to help you neutralise any odours you may have as fast as possible.

All PowAir products are made with a natural formula based on essential oils made from natural and safe ingredients, creating odour neutralisation as nature intended.

PowAir is 100% against animal testing. We have created an entirely cruelty free product which is also safe to use around your all of your pets in your home.

Absolutely non of the ingredients used in PowAir products are classified as toxic. So you can be rest assured our products are safe to use in any environment.

PowAir does not contain any alcohol within it’s products. Instead, we let nature takes its course with a complex natural formula. Better for you, better for the environment.

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