Using PowAir in Public Facilities
Using PowAir
in Public Facilities

Keeping Public Facilities smelling fresh

Public spaces, such as shopping centres, educational facilities, cinemas and public facilities all have a huge footfall, and where there are lots of people, there will be lots of odour, especially in places like public toilets. The PowAir range of products is the perfect solution to keeping those environments odour free.

Safe to use around everyone
PowAirs unique natural formula has been tried and tested over the years. It’s extremely safe to use around people. PowAir has been developed using natural essential oils and various chemical compounds giving PowAir it’s unique odour neutralisation process – adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction. Ensuring odour is neutralised completely, and safely. 
Instant & lasting odour neutralisation
In the world of odour neutralisation, you’ve got to expect the unexpected – this means we had to create a range of products suitable for every situation imaginable. Whether you need odour neutralised fast and effectively, or you need a product to provide incredible constant levels of odour neutralisation – we’ve got you covered.
What we recommend for public spaces…
Depending what environment you have, we have products suitable for any sized area. All products come in various sizes and fragrances.
All PowAir products are made with a natural formula based on essential oils made from natural and safe ingredients, creating odour neutralisation as nature intended.
PowAir is 100% against animal testing. We have created an entirely cruelty free product which is also safe to use around your all of your pets in your home.
Absolutely non of the ingredients used in PowAir products are classified as toxic. So you can be rest assured our products are safe to use in any environment.
PowAir does not contain any alcohol within it’s products. Instead, we let nature takes its course with a complex natural formula. Better for you, better for the environment.

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