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How to use your Harmony Mist Diffuser

by Nov 7, 2022PowAir Products0 comments

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PowAir want to be sure that you are getting the most from your Harmony Mist Diffuser. For best results when neutralising odours from your home, follow the guidance below or alternatively watch the following video tutorial:

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The Harmony Mist Diffuser is to be used in conjunction with PowAir Liquids; a pet safe, essential oil based odour neutraliser available in three fantastic fragrances: Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze.

Simply lift away the Mist Diffuser lid to fill. Harmony can hold up to 180ml of liquid which will last up to 10 hours.

We recommend diluting your PowAir Liquid by mixing it with water. A ratio of 50% water and 50% PowAir Liquid is a good starting point, but this ratio can be adjusted depending on the environment. To tackle stronger odours, use more PowAir and for minor odour problems, use more water.

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Once your Mist Diffuser is filled, replace the top section. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in and then press the mist/timer button. When first turned on, the spray and the light will come on at the same time and the light will gradually change colour. Click a second time to fix the colour of the light. Click a third time to enter the intermittent mode, turn off the light, work for 15 seconds and stop for 15 seconds.


To turn off the Mist Diffuser, click the button for a fourth time or long press the button for 2 seconds in any mode to turn the whole diffuser off.

PowAir Harmony Misting Diffuser; a Natural Aroma Mist Diffuser with built in LED lighting to set the mood & tone of your surroundings.