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Remove smoke smells in your home

with help from PowAir

If you, yourself, smoke or someone else in your household smokes, you’re not just living with them but also the potent odours that come with the habit. You may find that when you go to eliminate these smells, they are only being temporarily masked and come back time and time again. That’s why you need a true odour neutraliser that permanently eliminates odour molecules from the source and doesn’t just mask them. Sounds like you need to try PowAir!

Stop wearing your smoke odours

There is no doubt that when you are standing in the presence of a smoker, the odour molecules will start to cling to your clothes. Of course the most obvious solution would be to wash the items, but this is a time consuming and costly task to repeat daily. Fortunately, PowAir Spray is the perfect smoke odour neutraliser to use in these situations.


With proven, industrial strength and a blend of 40 natural essential oils, PowAir Spray can be used anywhere unwanted odours are present! This is NOT a masking agent or an air freshener. This smoke odour neutraliser is safe to use on clothing, however PowAir recommend that you perform a patch test on a smaller, hidden area of the fabric before using it all over the item to ensure colour fastness. We also recommend spraying this product from a distance of 25-30cm.

PowAir Odour Neutralising Room Spray 250ml
Eliminating Vehicle Odours with PowAir

Got smoke odours in your home?

Now that the smoke odour particles are attached to your clothing, this means that they are easily transferred into your home. By sitting in these clothes on your sofa, bed or even in your car, you may recognise smoke smells appearing around your living space for days to come.


That’s why we recommend our PowAir Mist Diffuser units for gentle odour neutraliser in the background of any environment. Choose from three unique designs that will fit perfectly in any environment. Our diffusers are to be used in conjunction with PowAir liquids, and for best results we recommend measuring your solution to be 50% water and 50% liquid. The question is, which will you choose? The PowAir Misting Dome, the Harmony Mist Diffuser or the AutoMist Odour Diffuser.

More of a visual learner?

As well as being able to see exactly how a product works before purchasing, we also understand that sometimes it’s much easier to watch and learn than it is to read instructions. That’s why we’ve created a PowAir UK YouTube channel so that you can find tutorials and walk throughs of all of our products, whenever you need them! This includes our Mist Diffuser range. Why not have a look and see which diffuser best suits your environment before purchasing?

Steve G

Yep, I know I’m naughty, still a smoker. The gel when decanted into decorative ceramic bowls makes the odour go away, visitors comment at the lack of anything lingering. As for flavour I find the Passion Fruit to be ideal for tobacco.

-PowAir Gel

Tina C

Having purchased my Misting Dome a few months ago, my home has smelled clean and fresh. I have ordered my refills twice and not been disappointed with the quick delivery and quality of the product. Outstanding product and outstanding aftercare. Would rate higher if I could.

-PowAir Misting Dome

Fae N

I can’t tell you how many tubs of this gel I have ordered over the years. This is my favourite of the fragrances over the past several years. Any unwanted odours are quickly eliminated. The Gel tub lasts for ages. I also have the spray. Very happy with these products.

-PowAir Gel