Eliminating Musty Smells this Christmas

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The long awaited festive season is finally here and as the decorating begins, those musty odours start to fill your home. Despite your decorations filling your home with festive cheer, those damp and dusty odours just can’t be ignored. That’s why this year, PowAir have launched an all new bundle just in time for Christmas!

Introducing you to our Christmas Crumble Bundle containing the odour neutralising agents that you need by your side this December. Whether you eliminate musty smells with our Penetrator Spray or keep odours constantly at bay with a PowAir Block, your home is bound to smell sensational! All of these products come in our signature Apple Crumble fragrance to help make your house a home.

PLUS save a HUGE 20% off through buying this bundle compared to purchasing each item individually!

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Blocks or gels? What’s the difference and how to use them…

Taking the decorations out of storage is exciting but smelly. That’s why you need to try PowAir Gel. The perfect way to eliminate those musty in your home and provide you with continuous odour neutralisation.

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Using a PowAir Gel is the perfect way to eliminate cooking odours and can be used two ways. The first way is to simply unscrew the lid and place the product in your desired location. Leave to stand and work its magic as the smell of Apple Crumble fills your home. Alternatively, to eliminate odours from a larger area, we recommend separating the gel crystals into smaller containers and hiding them around the room or even all over your home.

Similarly, PowAir Block is highly effective for use in smaller areas. The difference between our Block and Gel odour neutralisers are that our blocks are a solid formula meaning the contents can not be spilt. During the festive season, it may be beneficial to hide a PowAir Block in your kitchen, dining room, or even around your tree (particularly if its artificial). Which product will you try first?

All of PowAir’s products are pet safe, cruelty free, vegan, use a natural formula and are only tested on humans!

Festive cleaning has never been so easy with PowAir Sprays!

Have your guests appeared earlier than expected? Is the smell of last night’s Christmas buffet lingering around your home? Short for time to finish your festive cleaning activities? Not to worry! PowAir Spray is the perfect solution. Eliminate musty smells from your home with an aromatic fragrance of Apple Crumble. This product is a proven, industrial strength, essential oil based odour neutraliser and comes in two other wonderful fragrances: Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze.

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Don’t just mask the smell… Neutralise it!

Unlike other products, Penetrator is not a masking agent and actually physically reacts with bad smells, taking them out of the air and surfaces. Penetrator’s dual action formula will work to eliminate organic odours such as, mold, urine, faeces, smoke and mildew.


This year why not try PowAir Penetrator on your Christmas tree! Before wrapping around the lights, simply spray Penetrator onto your artificial tree from a distance to give a more disperse coverage. We recommend performing a patch test on a small area of the tree beforehand to ensure colour fastness.

festive cleaning - real christmas tree odours

Prepare for Christmas this year without the risk of filling your home with musty smells by using our BRAND NEW Christmas Crumble Bundle. Make your house a home with a scent of Apple Crumble and make those big festive cleaning tasks quick and easy with a spritz of PowAir Spray.


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