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The Secrets to keeping your car odour free

As life becomes faster paced, our cars have almost become an extension of our homes; with us Brits clocking up an average of 7000 road miles per year. Vehicles are all about convenience and we find ourselves frequently behind the wheel for a number of reasons; from commuting to work to shopping trips and socialising. Long gone are the days of running for the bus!

Because convenience is generally at the centre of our relationship with our cars, it really comes as no surprise that they can often be neglected when it comes to keeping them clean and odour free. Hectic schedules can see us regularly grabbing food on-the-go, leading to a seemingly fast-growing collection of both crumbs and food wrappers! And even the most delicious of foods can quickly turn into nasty odours. As food waste breaks down and begins to degrade, it consumes a number of bacteria and fungi which can produce a large number of chemical compounds, subsequently leading to that familiar ‘rubbish’ smell. Pretty gross right?

Whilst prevention is generally better than cure, many of us simply don’t have the time (or the patience!) to deep clean our cars. Of course, it’s a good idea to regularly clear any rubbish, especially food waste, but we can all be guilty of overlooking such a monotonous task! The good news is that by making small changes, we can turn our cars into a much more pleasant environment. But how you may be asking…? Keeping a bin in the car will keep your rubbish compact and limited to one area. Once full, simply remove the rubbish bag and replace with a new one. Convenient & useful! A PowAir block will ensure your car smells fresh, eliminating a multitude of odours including those caused by smoke, food waste, spillages and pets. Simply pop in your cupholder, boot, centre console or under seats for round-the-clock odour neutralisation!

It’s important to clear up any spillages right away, especially as a delay may lead to permanent staining. Keeping a pack of wet wipes (or baby wipes!) in the glovebox will allow you to clean spillages quickly. Where stubborn odours are left behind, spray PowAir Penetrator directly onto the site and leave to absorb. Designed to eliminate organic odours including sweat, urine and vomit, PowAir Penetrator is a perfect travel companion for those with children, or those who suffer from travel sickness.

Smoke odours are probably the most commonly complained about type of odour that we come across in cars. The smoke from cigarettes penetrates materials and coats hard surfaces. Whilst most smokers are somewhat accustomed to the smell, it can be particularly offensive to non-smoking passengers. If you’re concerned about smoke odours but don’t wish to stop smoking in your vehicle, we suggest opting for round-the-clock odour neutralisation along with a handy PowAir Spray for eliminating odours quickly, as and when required. Did we mention that the PowAir range is completely natural, animal friendly and vegan! What’s not to love?!


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