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Tackle smelly shoes head on!

How to prevent smelly shoes

To some, the whole idea of ‘smelly’ shoes may seem completely trivial; but shoe odour and the embarrassment associated with it is a very real issue for many. The problem of course begins with our feet; shoes are just the collateral damage. The good news is that foot odour is usually harmless and there are ways to effectively deal with subsequently fusty shoes!


Most people try to get rid of the smell by using deodorising sprays, but this only masks any offending odours; a temporary and ineffective ‘solution’, with bad odours soon reappearing! It’s a good idea to tackle the cause of the issue which is generally caused by excess moisture. Areas high in moisture become a breeding ground for bacteria and in turn, this can lead to both smelly shoes and fungal infections. (There are lots of anti-fungal medicines available over-the-counter to combat these infections, including creams, sprays and powders).


Don’t forget, the rate at which our feet sweat can vary depending on the time of year, level of activity and even medical conditions, so it’s about finding a solution that works best for you. Some people just generally sweat more than others, so what’s normal for one person, might not necessarily be normal for you. Always see a doctor if you have any concerns.

Did you know that there are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet?

As a general rule of thumb, shoes should never be noticeably wet inside and in order to give them ample drying time, you should alternate your footwear. It may be necessary to change your socks during the day too, so it’s worth carrying an extra pair if needed – cotton socks are best!

When it comes to tackling the odour, you might have tried and tested all the home remedies, from the rind of a lemon, to bicarbonate of soda & vinegar. Whilst these products can act as natural odour neutralisers, they simply cannot destroy bacterial odours which result from biological molecules. Not to mention the mess involved!    


For this type of odour, only an enzymatic based odour neutraliser will successfully eliminate bad smells. Enzymatic cleaners can be used to tackle a variety of offensive odours including urine, sweat, mildew, smoke, vomit and more.



Don’t jump in feet first!

It’s important to choose a high-quality enzymatic cleaner; particularly taking into consideration the percentage of bacterial enzymes within the product. PowAir Penetrator has one of the highest counts compared to similar products on the market, and is completely free of chemicals – bonus points for being animal friendly and 100% vegan!


Simply spray PowAir Penetrator directly into problematic shoes and leave to absorb; spraying daily as a natural, permanent solution to keeping those pesky odours at bay!


Available in a 464ml (Spray bottle) – Refill sizes: 922ml, 3.27ltr, 20ltr.


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