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How to Smell Good at the Gym

by Aug 16, 2022PowAir Products, Sport0 comments

Getting into the routine of going to the gym is one thing, but knowing how to smell good at the gym is another. There is nothing worse than those foul sports bra smells post workout and so understanding how to get smells out of your sports clothes is a must. It’s easy to throw clothes in the washing machine but what about those gym accessories. Gym shoe smells are extremely unpleasant. Not forgetting those gym bag smells that collect as your carry your clothes from one place to another. What you need is a natural odour neutraliser that is quick and easy to use on the go.

Tackling Gym Shoe Smells

Whether it’s the shoes you wear to the gym, work, or around the house, there is no doubt that they will build up some foul odours overtime. Not only is this unpleasant for yourself, but also the people around you. There is nothing worse than the smell of sweaty shoes and so there is only one reasonable solution – PowAir Sport.

PowAir Sport works to eliminate foul odours such as gym shoe smells. Simply spray it onto your sports gear to neutralise odours at the source. PowAir Sport spray is a powerful blend of natural essential oils, beneficial bacteria and high-performance enzymes. These elements safely eliminate odours caused by bacteria, sweat and organic material.

Not only that but PowAir Sport is also biodegradable! Safe to use on sports equipment (including helmets and shin pads), athletic apparel (ideal for eliminating sports bra smells) and footwear.

smells out of your sports clothes - gym bag smells

“Best thing I’ve ever used! I have tried so many different products before and this is the best by far.” – Shaun Naylor

gym bag smells - powair sport - smells out of sports clothes

Removing Smells from Sport Clothes & Accessories

This product is capable of eliminating sweaty odours even when it comes down to clothing. This includes those accessory odours like gym bag smells. Carrying these odours clothes around all day can cause serious gym bag smells to build up overtime. This is not the easiest item to clean with these accessories not always being washing machine safe. That’s why we recommended PowAir Sport.

Eliminate those nasty gym bag smells safely and permanently with PowAir Sport. Its enzymatic formula helps to break down sweaty, odorous molecules within your gym bag and clothing. Our Sport spray does so permanently, safely and effectively. Using PowAir can certainly help to put your mind at ease with the knowledge that you smell good at the gym.

Did you know that our PowAir Sprays are also great for removing odours from the air in small rooms or vehicles? They are great to keep in your gym bag for emergencies and are 100% aerosol free! The question is, which scent will you choose?

how to smell good at the gym - powair uk - gym shoe smells - smells out of your sports clothes

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