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PowAir Air Filter

The PowAir Air Filter allows for the complete and continuous air filtration in your ventilation system using the PowAir Block.


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Continuous Air Freshness

PowAir Air Filters allow for complete and continuous air filtration in your ventilation system. Just attach the correct size of Air Filter to your ventilation system, insert the desired number of PowAir Blocks, and any unwanted odours will be removed from your ducting, quickly, effectively and permanently.


Our Air Filters provide you with freshness that lasts until the PowAir Blocks are exhausted. Once the Blocks have been fully consumed, the lid can be opened and the Blocks can be replaced.

PowAir Air Filter
PowAir Odour Neutralising Block 400g

Designed to fit in with your system

The PowAir Air Filter comes in a number of different diameters to cater for your ventilation setup: 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch ducts.


  • PowAir Air Filters for ventilation odour control
  • Packaging includes graphical instructions for use
  • Metal lid with rubber seal to ensure air tight
  • Lid easily removed via quick release catches, enabling easy replacement of PowAir Blocks when exhausted
  • Desired number of blocks inserted into mesh work metal tube within ducting
  • Air blows through the PowAir Air filter and any odours within the ventilation system are removed
PowAir Odour Neutralising Block 400g

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5 reviews for PowAir Pet Urine Detector

  1. Tracey Burns (Verified Purchase)

    Works really well and help me deal with my pongy pooch

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  2. In Ja T. (Verified Purchase)

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  3. Mrs T B. (Verified Purchase)

    This shows up so many hidden areas of stains unseeable with the naked eye

    (1) (0)
  4. Ralph

    Best for finding urine stains

    (0) (0)
  5. Mrs V Chalmers (Verified Purchase)

    I used the torch around the litter trays and on the walls but I don’t think it was picking up any pee which was unusual. No instructions s came with the torch so perhaps I did not use it correctly.

    (1) (0)
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