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Remove Smoke Smells in your House

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Remember remember the 5th November


Whether you celebrate bonfire night at home or at an event, the 5th of November is the perfect excuse to wrap up warm and head out with your family and friends to enjoy firework displays and hot chocolate. Despite all the fun, we understand that in the back of your mind will be the worry of how to keep your pets safe during a time that they find most distressing. Additionally, getting the bonfire smell out of clothes and removing smoke smells in your house can be quite the challenge. That’s why PowAir is here to help! We have a wide range Sprays and Liquids acting as smoke odour neutraliser products as well as a solution to your pets nervous pee accidents.

Getting the Bonfire Smell out of Clothes

There is no doubt that after being stood around a bonfire all evening, the smell of smoke will start to cling to your clothes. Fortunately, PowAir Spray is the perfect smoke odour neutraliser to use in these situations.


With proven, industrial strength and a blend of 40 natural essential oils, PowAir Spray can be used anywhere unwanted odours are present! This is NOT a masking agent or an air freshener. This smoke odour neutraliser is safe to use on clothing, however PowAir recommended that you perform a patch test on a smaller, hidden area of the fabric before using it all over the item to ensure colour fastness. We also recommend spraying this product from a distance of 25-30cm.

DID YOU KNOW: PowAir Spray bottles can be refilled with a diluted solution of PowAir Liquid and water to combat very mild odour problems.

Smoke Smells in your House

Not only can the smell of fire spread onto your clothing, but if you are celebrating bonfire night at home it may also travel into your living space. One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of smoke entering your home is to, of course, ensure all windows are closed before lighting the fire. However, with people coming in and out of the building, there is a possibility that these odours can transfer from clothing and become apparent on furniture, or even the air in general.


In these situations we recommend trying our PowAir Misting Dome! Its unique design will fit perfectly in any environment. This product is to be used in conjunction with PowAir Liquids, and for best results we recommended measuring your solution to be 50% water and 50% liquid. Whether you choose to use your Misting Dome constantly or intermittently, this solution will last 8-10 hours. Eliminate those bonfire smells with a fragrance of Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit or Tropical Breeze.

DID YOU KNOW: Our PowAir Blocks and Gels are ideal when you are wanting to neutralise odours from the air in a smaller area.

Nervous Pet? Pee Accidents?

Between the Halloween and Bonfire Night period, there is no surprise that your pets may begin to feel rather anxious. The sound of firework explosions can be scary for anyone, but in this instance our pets need extra TLC. No matter how well trained your furry friends are, accidents happen. That’s why PowAir are helping you to prepare with our best-selling Urine & Odour Spray!


This odour eliminator contains a proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils and high performance enzymes that work to eliminate odours at a molecular level. Not only can Urine & Odour be used indoors on your carpets, hard flooring and upholstery but it is also suitable to be used outdoors on artificial grass!

bonfire night at home - powair urine & odour - enzymatic formula
keep pets safe - smoke smell in house - bonfire night

Keep your pets safe with these tips!

On evenings when your pets are most vulnerable, its best to stay by their side and give them all the love and attention that they require. After all, fireworks can be seen from a great distance so celebrating bonfire night at home by watching displays through the window might not be too bad after all! Nonetheless, if you are unable to stay home, here are a few tips that we recommend to help keep your pets safe:


  • Play Competing Noise – In some cases, having white noise or leaving the TV to play in the background can help relax your pets and work to distract them from the sound of firework explosions. There are several YouTube videos online made specifically for these situations!
  • Create a Safe Space – Before leaving your house be sure to create an area filled with your furry friends favourite comforts (such as blankets and toys). If you choose to stay home with your pets, allow them to eat in this area, and also giving them regular treats, as this can be extremely effective in easing their nerves.

So, during the Halloween and Bonfire Night season keep pets safe by creating a calming and comforting environment. Also be sure to keep on top of any smoke odours that are present in your home. Whether its eliminating urine odours or neutralising smoke smells, PowAir are here to help!

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