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Remove Smoke Smells
from your Car with Ease

Discover the solution to smoke odour elimination in your car with PowAir. Whether you or your partner are former smokers or you’ve acquired a vehicle with persistent cigarette smells, these odours can be off-putting for an extended period and difficult to eliminate. Luckily, PowAir offers a range of air fresheners for smokers, such as our car mist diffuser, to help you out. Remove smoke smells from your car with PowAir; helping make cigarette odour removal easy. If you smoke or live with smokers, this is for you.

PowAir 100% guarantees to eliminate odours using a pet safe and natural formula
remove smoke smells from your car using cigarette odour removal products by PowAir
PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser is a car mist diffuser suited for smoke odour elimination in all vehicles


Introducing our latest innovation:
The Car Mist Diffuser!

Say goodbye to generic air fresheners found on the high street and say hello to PowAir AutoMist, the natural car mist diffuser that truly works. This game-changing product utilizes innovative technology and powerful odour neutralising properties. AutoMist effectively removes smoke smells you’re your car by tackling odour molecules in your vehicle’s atmosphere and working alongside PowAir Liquids. With the ability to switch fragrances at your convenience, your vehicle will always smell clean and fresh.


AutoMist is designed to fit snugly in your vehicle’s cup holder, ensuring a secure seal to prevent any spills on the road. Choose between a continuous or intermittent spray of PowAir Liquid and witness your odours vanish while enjoying a flash of RGB lighting. Oh, and did we mention that PowAir Liquid is pet-safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free? You can confidently use it around both people and pets!

PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser is a car mist diffuser suited for smoke odour elimination in all vehicles

What Sets Us Apart?

You might be wondering why those run-of-the-mill air fresheners from supermarkets and petrol stations won’t cut it. Well, those cardboard fresheners merely mask the odours in your vehicle without actually neutralising them. That means the lingering food waste smells and wet dog odours in your car are still present and only temporarily masked for a short period.


PowAir, on the other hand, is an air freshener for smokers that truly works. This is because it eliminates odours directly from the source using high-performance enzymes and natural essential oils. This ensures a lasting freshness, permanently neutralising all odours and guaranteeing that your car smells fresh.


Smoke Odour Eliminators

If you prefer a more subtle approach, you’ll love our PowAir Blocks. This smoke odour eliminator fits perfectly in your car’s cup holder or door compartment, working around the clock to eliminate odours. Best suited for small areas and spaces, PowAir Blocks are ideal for use in cars and vans.


Each PowAir Block provides over 1000 hours of odour neutralisation, creating an odour-free bubble filled with pet-safe, natural essential oils. Choose from four fantastic fragrances: Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit, Tropical Breeze, or Lemongrass. We understand that smaller vehicles require less odour neutralisation, which makes our Blocks the perfect air freshener for smokers. You can pause the odour removal when needed. Simply re-screw the lid to conserve the product and open it again when necessary. It’s natural. It’s simple. It’s effective.

“Yep, I know I’m naughty, still a smoker. This product truly makes the smoke odours go away and friends and family always comment on how wonderful my car smells. As for flavour I find the Passion Fruit to be ideal for tobacco.” – Steve G

PowAir Block is a vehicle air freshener for smokers in a solid form
PowAir Spray is an effective air freshener for smokers to use in their car or vehicle
PowAir Spray is an effective smoke odour eliminator to remove smoke smells from your car


Quick & Effective
Cigarette Odour Removal

When time is of the essence and a thorough deep clean isn’t feasible, turn to PowAir Spray. Whether you’ve just finished a cigarette and detect odours in your car or you want a quick freshen up before giving a lift to a friend, PowAir Spray has got you covered.


This fast and efficient odour cigarette odour removal spray uses a natural formula to safely combat odours in cars, vans, and lorries. PLUS, they’re suitable for indoor use too. Simply remove the lid and spritz into the air to experience instant smoke odour elimination. Your passengers will wonder what that fantastic fragrance is as they travel in style to their destination. Remove smoke odours from your car the right way.

With PowAir, cigarette odour removal in your car will never be a concern again! We’re here to make smoke odour elimination easy. Whether you choose our car mist diffuser or a quick spritz of PowAir Spray, we guarantee those pesky smoke odours will be permanently eliminated in no time.