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How to remove smoke odours from your home

Looking to remove smelly smoke odours and freshen up your home? Find out how you can eliminate unwanted smoke odours safely, naturally and permanently with these easy tips.

Getting smoke odours out of your Home

Everyone who lives in a smoking home or knows a smoking home knows the extent of the odour problem that smoking cigarettes creates. The smoke particles from cigarettes permeate the home, in the furniture, walls, carpets, curtains and just about any noock and cranny imaginable. If you are a smoker then this smell, like all smells you are exposed to for a long period, can become unnoticeable, however this is not the case for any guests that come and stay in the home and the odour of the cigarette smoke can be unbearable for many people.


The obvious answer you will receive when asking the question ‘How can I get rid of the smell of smoke from my home?’ is for you to stop smoking in your home. This is a no brainer but many people are not able to commit to such a change, and regardless of if you do stop smoking in the home, the smell is engrained in the house and would take a long time to naturally disappear, due to the thick tarry nature of the cigarette smoke when it cools and condenses on surfaces.

If you are not able to stop smoking in your home then there are preventative measures to reduce and eliminate the odours in your home.

Preventing Smoke Odours in your Home when Smoking


Direct Smoke Elsewhere

If you have to smoke indoors, try to incorporate a system which will force the air out of the home before it has a chance to be trapped inside an enclosed area and deposit it’s odourous molecules. Of course anyone who has tried smoking outside a hotel room window when there is a no smoking policy will know that you will not be able to get all the smoke to leave straight out the window even with the use of fans! However the more that you can get to leave the room the better – and less odour problems you will encounter.


Create a Smokers Room for the House

One option could be to dedicate one room in the house that is for smoking. This will result in a very smokey room though and not many people can afford the space to do this. However it will result in the rest of your home being relatively smoke odour free.


Please use the Ashtrays Provided!

Ashtrays are a major source of smoke odours in the home, and often they can go un-emptied in quite some time adding to the problem. One way to reduce the smell of ashtrays is to use an absorbent in the bottom of the ashtray, and this can be also be done in car ashtrays. An excellent absorbent to use that will not only take the smell out of the ashtray but also absorb some odourous particles from the air is baking soda. This is an inexpensive way of reducing the odours your ashtrays will create, however it will still not be 100% effective. Another way to reduce the smells would be to use a spin top ashtray.


Use an Odour Neutraliser

Even if you strictly follow all the advice above this will only help reduce the extent of the problem, if you smoke in your home then inevitably the cigarette smoke smell well get everywhere with tar ash and oil deposits being left throughout the home which are very hard to remove. Fortunately there are professional odour neutralisers that can completely eliminate the smell from the air. The PowAir range is a professional odour neutraliser available at consumer level and should be the essential ingredient of a smoking home. This product is not like other brands which merely mask the odourous smell, but the PowAir molecules – when dispersed in the air and come into contact with odourous particles, physically bind to the volatile organic compounds and render the smell null and inert. More information on the science of PowAir can be found here. What’s more this is a natural product that is safe to use around people and pets. PowAir comes in an array of different forms and sizes to suit all odourous problems, from the small scale to large industrial scale problems. For the use of eliminating cigarette smoke odours from your home it would be recommended to use either, the PowAir SprayPowAir GelPowAir BlockPowAir Mist with PowAir Mist dispenser. Odour neutralisation will need to be carried out though for as long as the source of the odour is present.


Your Clothing and your Breath

If you are a smoker then there is no avoiding it, your clothes and breath will reek of cigarette smoke. Again there are preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the problem, although without going outside to smoke there is no way you will stop the smell contaminating your clothes. If you are willing to go outside to smoke your cigarettes then smoke the cigarettes up wind with the smoke blowing away from you, and also if you can consider the use of a smoking jacket (overcoat) this will obviously benefit you. If you have the time stay outside for a while for the smoke to have a chance to clear from your person. With the cigarette smell breath the only thing you can do is brush your teeth and use mouthwash after you have had a smoke, although this is not really practical for someone who smokes 20 a day!

 Removing Smoke Odours out of your Home if you are a non smoker

If you are a non smoker then the smell of stale cigarette smoke can be very unpleasant, almost intolerable and is something that has to be dealt with. If a non smoker moves into a new home or buys a new car, that used to have smoking owners, it can cause massive problems. Often when purchasing the property odour masking techniques are used to disguise the odour until the purchase has been made.  Other problems arise when poor attempts are made at cleaning and removing the cigarette smoke odour from the home, often redecorating is carried out without the cleaning of the wall before hand, meaning the smell is trapped for a while and then it begins to seep through the walls and penetrate the home.


The use of Odour Neutraliser

As talked about earlier if there is a bad odour problem in the home this can be completely removed through the use of a professional odour neutraliser, which will provide instant results in your fight against the stale smell of cigarette smoke. The PowAir product will physically bind to the odourous molecules, rendering them null and inert and take the smell out of the air. Not only this but the product is non toxic and completely safe to us around people pets and plants, a professional industrial product available at consumer level. However, constant odour neutralisation is going to be needed until the source of the odourous molecules is removed. So if you don’t want to be using PowAir all the time then it would be recommended to use some to make the immediate impact you need and then address the source of the cigarette smell.


Eliminating Cigarette Odours from your Furniture

The tarry sticky nature of cigarette smoke is the reason for the massive problems we have in removing it from clothing, upholstery and just about anywhere else the smoke comes into contact with. The smoke particles disperse throughout the home and then, when the smoke condenses and cools, sticky tarry deposits are left throughout the home which are incredibly hard to remove. If you have moved in to a house that used to have smokers in it, you can use an odour neutraliser to remove the smell as mentioned, however you would need to use the odour neutraliser constantly as the source will still remain. If you want to remove the smoke odours from the source then it is recommended that extensive cleaning is carried out in the home, and for best results professional cleaning would be required. Due to the sticky nature of the source of the odour the deposits are very, very stubborn and using household cleaning products just won’t cut it. In order to remove these oily deposits from the surfaces you will need to hire a professional cleaning company and make sure they have a steam cleaner, which will help remove the deposits and subsequently the cigarette odour. Another problem, which was touched on earlier, is that when people are trying to sell the property, techniques are often employed to mask the smell of the odour. One such technique is to paint the walls of the house, however if the walls are not thoroughly cleaned before hand, which is often the case, the the odour particles are just going to be sealed in between the new paint and will over time start seeping through the wall and causing odour problems in the home again. If you have this problem then you will need to strip the paint down, clean the walls thoroughly and then repaint the walls to ensure that all smoke odour particles have been removed from the walls.


Removing Cigarette Smells from your Carpets

Removing cigarette odours from the carpet is not as hard as getting them out of your walls, however if you are trying to clean them yourself without a steam cleaner it may require several attempts at shampooing the carpets before the smell will be completely removed. The PowAir Spray is also a good weapon in removing the smells from the carpet, spraying the PowAir directly into the carpet allows the PowAir molecules to react with the odour molecules to render them null and inert. If you can afford it then the best way to address the problem would be to call in a professional cleaner to steam clean the carpet and ensure all oily deposits have been removed. If you are on a cheap budget and cannot afford any of the above then there are home remedies that can be used to reduce the problem, although these will never be 100% effective. One method is through the use of bicarbonate of soda, a known odour absorber. Fill a container full with the baking soda, add some drops of essential oil of your chosen flavour, vanilla is a good choice, then sprinkle the bicarbonate of soda over all the carpets in the house, then simply hoover up in the morning.


Cleaning your home without Using professionals

Cleaning a smokers house without the use of professionals is very hard work and you should be prepared for some back breaking labour in order to get rid of the yellow stains throughout the house.

If you aren’t able to professionally clean the house, and you can’t afford the excellent odour neutralising products there are available then you will need to get stuck in to some good old fashioned hard labour. One of your best friends in this situation is vinegar. Vinegars mildly acidic properties make it an excellent cleaner against cigarette stains and deposits, if you need to clean your walls then use a bowl of warm water with vinegar (2 parts warm water to 1 part vinegar) and add a scoop of baking soda. Now wash all your walls and ceilings with this solution, which will make it much easier for the residue to be dissolved and removed. Use a vinegar based window cleaner on your windows. If you are not completely happy after cleaning the walls and ceilings you should apply a new layer of paint.


Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from your Car

If you have bought a used car from someone who used to smoke the smell can be not only unpleasant but also distracting from driving. An instant fix for smokey smelling cars is through the use of the PowAir odour neutralising agents. A top seller for odour problems in cars is the PowAir block which is a small quiet workhouse that just sits in your car and eliminates the smell completely. Spraying PowAir spray on the fabrics as well will have a massive effect and will neutralise the odours seeping from it.

A more thorough method would be to clean the car completely from top to bottom to try and scrub all the oily deposits away. This is obviously extremely hard though in a car with so many nooks and crannys and it is often the case that even with a thorough clean an odour block is still needed to take the edge away from the stale smoke smell. If you are to attempt cleaning the car yourself then it is recommended to use the same bicarbonate of soda mixture that was mentioned earlier to clean the walls. Scrub all surfaces down thoroughly with this solutions, and then clean the fabrics thoroughly with fabric shampoo.


Other Home remedies for removing Cigarette smoke from your car

By far the most convenient, quick and effective way of getting rid of the smell from your car is through buying an odour neutralising product that will instantly tackle the problem. However many people cannot afford, or do not want to fork out for such a luxury. In which case there are a number of cheap home remedies that you can try, however none of these will be 100% effective and should be only used as a last resort.


Ground Coffee

For decades truck drivers have been using freshly ground coffee to remove odours from their trailers, and while the odours aren’t taken away the coffee odours can be strong enough to overpower some of the bad smells. This technique is now used to try and mask the smell of cigarette odours in peoples car, just put some ground coffee in a shallow dish and leave somewhere in the car where it will not be knocked over and spilt. The coffee should take some of the edge off the cigarette smell in the car.


Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal is an excellent odour absorber and people have been using briquettes for years to remove odours from their cars. Leave a box of briquettes in the car and keep enclosed, after 48 hours the stale cigarette smoke odour should begin to be absorbed by the briquettes and the odour should reduce.


White Vinegar

Vinegar is another fantastic household product that has odour reducing abilities. Pour about 1/4 litre of vinegar into a bucket or bowl and leave in the car, undisturbed for 48 hours. This should take away some of the cigarette smell from the car, but be warned, it will now smell of vinegar!



Newspapers are also thought to have odour reducing properties, just leave a pile of newspaper in the car to allow to absorb odourous molecules, you will need to change the newspaper after a while to enable continued absorption.


Air Fresheners

Unlike odour neutralisers air fresheners will not get rid of the smell from you car, however it will mask it and sometimes this will have to suffice.


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