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Remove Milk Smell from your Carpet

If you have recently spilled milk on your carpet, you may be wondering how to quickly and easily you can remove the smell of milk from the carpet. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to tackle the offending odour and restore your carpet to its former glory. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to effectively remove milk smell from your carpet so that you can keep your home smelling fresh.

remove milk smell - PowAir UV Urine Torch

Identify the Source of the Smell

If you’ve noticed a bad smell of milk in your home, it is important to first identify where the smell is coming from. If you find milk spilt on upholstery or a couch, then you’ll need to target that area when removing the smell. Once you have identified the source of the smell, then you can begin to remove it.

If the spill was made a while back or you were not around to see the incident occur, the PowAir UV Torch is a simple way to identify this odour. Although labelled as a Pet Urine Torch, this device is helpful in a variety of situations, including helping with to remove milk smell from your upholstery. Simply shine the PowAir Urine Detector torch across your furniture and carpets and any spillages will glow brightly under the torch, allowing you to clean the area and neutralise the odours with PowAir.

Ventilate the Room

One of the most important steps in removing a milk smell from your carpet is to ventilate the room. Opening a window, using a fan, or turning on the air conditioning can help to remove any bad smells that have accumulated. If possible, try to open a window in the room for several hours to let in fresh air and help clear out any off smells caused by the spilled milk. If you are dealing with a large spill, such as milk spilt on upholstery or a couch, you may want to consider purchasing PowAir Penetrator to remove milk smell from your environment. This product can help to effectively cleanse the air of odours and pollutants quickly and efficiently.

penetrator - remove urine smell
remove milk smell - powair penetrator

Neutralise the Smell

Once you’ve identified the source of the smell, ventilated the room and absorbed the odour, it’s time to neutralise the smell. Powair Penetrator is an effective product that can neutralise odours quickly and effectively.

PowAir Penetrator is a powerful odour-neutralising spray designed to break down organic molecules that cause bad odours. It contains natural enzymes and bacterial cultures that break down and eliminate odours caused by food, smoke, mould, mildew, pets, and other sources. 

To use PowAir Penetrator, simply spray it into the affected area and allow it to work its magic. The active ingredients will start to work immediately and will help to neutralise the smell from the spilled milk.

Nobody wants to deal with the bad smell of milk spilt on their upholstery or couch, so it’s best to take preventative measures to avoid this situation. To protect your furniture from future spills, you should use a spill guard. This product is made specifically to repel liquids and is designed to form an invisible barrier that can help keep your furniture clean and protected. It’s also easy to use: just spray it on your furniture and the barrier will form within a few hours. By using this type of protection, you can be sure to keep your furniture looking and smelling like new.