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PowAir Puppy Pack

The PowAir Puppy Pack is the perfect bundle for new puppy owners to help tackle those pet pee accidents with ease. Detect pee stains with our UV Urine Detector Torch and eliminate urine & faeces smells with our best-selling Urine & Odour Spray. Pet odour removal has never been so easy!

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Eliminate Urine and Faeces Odours

Take control of pet pee accidents with our best-selling Urine & Odour Spray, making pet odour removal quick and easy. The PowAir Puppy Pack is guaranteed to eliminate those pesky urine & faeces smells safely and permanently.


What’s included:

PowAir Puppy Pack is perfect for detecting pet pee accidents. Pet odour removal for urine & faeces smells made easy

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Here at PowAir we offer a variety of pet bundles, all of which include our best-selling dog and cat pee odour eliminator spray so that you can be fully prepared when an accident occurs. Each bundle offers different items from the PowAir Range so there is certainly something for everyone, no matter the issue.


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