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Penetrator Power Pack 20 Litre

The PowAir Penetrator Pack works to successfully remove odours such as unwanted smoke smells. This pet safe odour elimination spray is suitable for use both inside and outside, removing odours from a variety fo surfaces and materials.


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Safe Odour Neutralisation made easy

Have you got problems with bad odours? We’ve all experienced bad smells in our life. Whether it be from our pets, our children or from many other sources beyond our control, we’ve got a solution that’s got you covered.


The PowAir Penetrator Pack works to successfully remove odours, both old and new, using its dual action formula. Like all products in the PowAir Range, Penetrator is completely non-toxic and provides you with pet safe odour elimination so that you can use it around children and pets with confidence. Perfect for removing unwanted smoke smells, faeces odours and urine marks in your home, office or workplace.

PowAir Penetrator Pack successfully removes odours like unwanted smoke smells using pet safe odour elimination qualities
Successfully remove odours with PowAir Penetrator Pack for pet safe odour elimination of unwanted smoke smells and general odours

How to use PowAir Penetrator

1) Shake well before using.
2) Test small amount on hidden area to ensure colour fastness.
3) Remove excess odour-causing material from affected areas.
4) Fully saturate affected area for best results.
5) Let sit for 30 minutes. Blot excess liquid from affected material.

Let dry naturally. The PowAir scent will fade over time.

How does PowAir Penetrator Spray work?

The essential oil molecules in PowAir Penetrator bond to odour molecules and neutralise foul odours on contact. The entirety of the PowAir product range does NOT contain any toxic or harmful ingredients.

How is PowAir Penetrator different from other deodorisers?

Most deodorisers merely mask nasty smells. PowAir Penetrator eliminates them! Find out more on our information pages.

Permanently eliminate odours with Penetrator Power Pack for pet safe odour neutralisation of unpleasant smoke smells and general odours

Where to use PowAir Penetrator

PowAir Penetrator works to successfully remove odours such as urine smells, perspiration, vomit, faeces, grease and mildew, providing you with pet safe odour elimination.


Any foul odours, like unwanted smoke smells, that are trapped in porous or solid materials such as cloth, furniture, carpet, artificial grass smells, wood or concrete are also guaranteed to be eliminated using our dual action formula. Not forgetting that the PowAir Penetrator Pack is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic so you can use it with confidence around both people and pets.

PowAir Penetrator Pack eliminates unwanted smoke smells and uses pet safe odour elimination qualities to successfully remove odours

Benefits of using PowAir Penetrator

Fast Odour Neutralisation

The advanced formula in PowAir Penetrator quickly & effectively neutralises pet odours, restoring pleasant smelling air.

Safe & Non Toxic

This effective odour eliminator is made of safe, non-toxic ingredients so you can use it around both pets & children without worry.

Long-lasting Protection

The safe odour neutralisation provided by PowAir Penetrator is long lasting, helping to keep your home smelling fresh.

Versatile Usage

Our high performance enzyme spray can be used anywhere in your home or car, making it a great all-around odour neutralising solution.

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