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PowAir Gel

PowAir Gel is a fast-acting odour neutraliser made from natural, plant based active ingredients. This product is perfect for neutralising unwanted smells in large spaces such as dog grooming salons, motorhomes left in storage and warehousing facilities.

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remove pet stains with PowAir's pet smell neutralising spray


PowAir Odour Neutralisers are extremely versatile meaning you can use them to eliminate a variety of odours in a wide range of environments.

Pet pee accidents and cat pee odour removal has never been easier with our urine odour eliminator

Long Lasting

Our natural, plant based odour eliminators are a quick and easy solution to long lasting odour protection in your home or workplace.

PowAir Odour Neutralisers are made from natural ingredients


The entire PowAir range is made up of natural, plant based active ingredients that really work to eliminate odours at their source

Where to Use PowAir Odour Removal Gel

Where to use: PowAir Gel

PowAir Gels are an ideal solution for any room in your home, leisure investment or workplace that has become subject to unwanted odours. This includes bathrooms, public toilets, living areas, kitchens and offices.


When choosing to separate the gel crystals into smaller containers, how about hiding it inside cupboards or behind items on shelves, acting as a discreet odour neutraliser. As for workplace odour removal, since this is a much bigger environment, we recommend using one of our Breeze or Cyclone fans for immediate effect.


This product is also extremely popular for use in motorhomes and leisure investments during the drain down season, helping to keep on top of any potential damp and mould odours which may arise.

How to use: PowAir Gel

This effective, versatile odour neutraliser can be used in several different ways with the simplest way being to open the lid of the container, remove the foil seal, as well as the paper cover from underneath the screw lid, and replace the top section. Then, place the product in the location of the odour to remove odour and wait for PowAir to work its magic!


Alternatively, you may prefer to separate the scented gel crystals into smaller containers and hide them in discreet locations around your home, leisure investment or workplace.


Finally, for larger environments, pair a PowAir Gel pail with a Breeze or Cyclone fan. Although this will increase the rate at which the Gel evaporates, it will disperse the fresh scent of natural essential oils across a large area, eliminating odours far and wide.

PowAir Gel is a fast-acting odour neutraliser that works to eliminate odours, such as wet paint, damp and mould, in large spaces.

This product is not a masking agent and works by using a natural, plant based active ingredients to absorb unwanted odours. Available in multiple fantastic fragrances, this product can also be decanted into smaller jars and hidden around an area of your choice to increase the scale of odour neutralisation.

Please note that when first opened, PowAir Gels experience a flash period. This means that the moisture collected on top of the product will evaporate first and be much stronger when first opened. Over time, the rate of evaporation will slow down. As the gel crystals start to evaporate, the container can easily be topped up using one of our refill jars!

When it comes down to neutralising unwanted odours in large areas, we always suggest PowAir Gels!

What’s the difference between PowAir and generic air fresheners?
Unlike air fresheners that only mask odours, PowAir actually eliminates odours. Our proprietary blend of natural high quality plant based essential oils neutralise odours at a molecular level. We do not use any harmful chemicals, use PowAir to eliminate any unhealthy odours and enjoy your life.

What are the Gel crystals?

The gel crystals are ‘super absorbent polymers’ which are non-toxic. They are designed to absorb and hold liquid, allowing the moisture to evaporate slowly from the container to combat ongoing odour problems.

How long does PowAir 400g Gel last?
Under ideal household conditions; they can last 30 – 60 days each. The answer varies because the product works by way of evaporation. There are environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow that are different in every home which affect the rate of evaporation and how long the products will last. We cannot accurately predict these variables in every application so we can only offer you an estimated range of time that has been consistent over the years.

Water, essential oils and polysorbate 20 (a food-grade surfactant).

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138 reviews for PowAir Gel

  1. Elizabeth Moffat (Verified Purchase)

    Very good

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  2. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love the smell and dose just what is says on the tin

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  3. Yvonne Langton (Verified Purchase)

    I have lots of pow air misters all over the house and the big one in our dog room these have been the best i have had at keeping the house from smelling doggy

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  4. David L. (Verified Purchase)

    Great products and great service I will definitely order more products from powair. The tropical storm gel smells amazing.

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  5. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    I was impressed with speed of shipping but the smell is not nice and it hasn’t really done anything to eliminate the odours i was trying to get rid off so all in all not really impressed.

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    • Amelia (store manager)

      Hi Jennifer, we generally recommend PowAir Gels for removing odours from the atmosphere of large spaces. If the odour is on a specific surface, such as a sofa or carpet, we’d recommend trying one of our Enzymatic sprays. This formula allows you to directly tackle the odour at its source, breaking up and eliminating any odour molecules both on and around the effected area. For more guidance on how to eliminate odours using PowAir, we are always happy to help via!

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