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Misting Dome Refill Pack

Our PowAir Misting Dome Refill pack works with our electronic smell remover units and multi-purpose liquids to remove foul smells in any environment. Stay stocked up and keep on top of those pesky odours in your home, office or workplace with a natural, essential oil fragrance of Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit & Tropical Breeze.

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Keep stocked up and ready to go!

PowAir Misting Dome Refill Liquids are a versatile odour neutraliser that can be added to sprayers, diluted in cleaning solutions or be used with an electronic smell remover such as the PowAir Misting Dome. This multi-purpose liquid is ready to use right out of the bottle, or it can be diluted with water to suit your strength requirements.


Remove foul smells from your home, office or workplace with a natural, pet safe fragrance of Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit or Tropical Breeze. You can switch our your liquid as and when you please to unlock a new scent into the atmosphere of your chosen environment. 

PowAir Misting Dome Refill Bundle removes foul smells using our multi-purpose liquid and electronic smell remover

The PowAir Misting Dome

The PowAir Misting Dome Refill Bundle is a quick and easy way to stock up on your favourite multi-purpose liquids. This electronic smell remover is available in Ice White and Soft Pink and can be used anywhere in your home in order to eliminate foul smells. Pair with our non-toxic, pet safe and cruelty free versatile odour neutraliser liquids and remove foul smells safely and permenantly.

Benefits of using PowAir Liquid

Fast Odour Neutralisation

The advanced formula in PowAir Liquid quickly & effectively neutralises pet odours, making your house smell fresh.

Safe & Non Toxic

This mist diffuser liquid agent is made of safe, non-toxic ingredients, so you can use it around pets and children without worry.

Long-lasting Protection

The odour neutralisation provided by this pet safe liquid lasts for up to 6 hours, helping to make your house smell fresh.

Versatile Usage

Our non-toxic, mist diffuser liquid can be used alone or in a pet safe diffuser making it the perfect pet smell removal agent.

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4 reviews for PowAir Breeze Fan

  1. Glenn N. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent product.

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  2. Beverley Newey (Verified Purchase)

    Works to perfection well impressed

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  3. Yvonne Langton (Verified Purchase)

    This is very good for larger spaces we have the smaller ones for our smaller rooms great product

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  4. Lynda Costerd (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely brilliant

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