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Block Dispenser Pack

The PowAir Block Dispenser Pack works in conjunction with our odour removal blocks, providing you with pet friendly odour elimination. Successfully neutralises household odours as well as being perfect for use in toilets, office spaces and living spaces. A natural odour eliminator suited for any environment.


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  • Pet Safe & Cruelty free
  • Eliminates Odours Guaranteed
  • 100% Non Toxic Ingredients
  • Plant-Based Odour Neutraliser

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Fight Against Odours at the Source

PowAir Odour Removal Blocks are a fast and easy way to fight against odours at their source. It is a complex formula of essential oils – pet friendly odour elimination that is easy to use in your home and business, and can be used around people and pets.

Removes Odours Again and Again

The PowAir Block Dispenser Pack is a great way to control odours in small rooms and areas where the odour source is constant or repetitious. Use the Block Dispenser for timed and measured odour control. Perfect for rooms such as bathrooms, offices, restaurants, garbage collection areas, hotels and motels or any room with nasty odours.

Neutralises Household Odours Effectively

PowAir Odour Removal Blocks are a natural odour elimiantor designed to neutralise household odours. It uses a unique, natural formula that actively captures and eliminates odours on contact, without the use of masking agents or perfumes. With its special formulation, it is also safe for use around children and pets. This pet friendly odour eliminator has been tested and is perfect for use in residential and commercial environments, making it a brilliant solution for removing cat litter odours and other pet unpleasant smells.

PowAir Block Dispenser Pack works with our odour removal blocks to perform pet friendly odour neutralisation

Contant, Pet Friendly Odour Elimination

This natural odour eliminator is super easy for all to use. Simply unscrew the lid of your PowAir Odour Removal Block, remove the seal and replace the vented lid. For extra protection against bad smells, you can also use this solid odour neutraliser in small spaces such as closets and cabinets.

So if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to remove cat litter odours and pesky vehicle smells, try PowAir Blocks.

Where to use PowAir Block

PowAir Block neutralises household odours from virtually any location in your home. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even a patio or deck. Not forgetting about cars and motorhomes too.


Additionally, this natural odour eliminator can further help to reduce allergens and work towards creating a healthier environment for everyone in your home. Why not stand you PowAir Block Dispenser Pack in your hallway, or attach it to the wall in your kitchen. PowAir Odour Removal Blocks are the perfect natural odour eliminator for any home or working environment.

PowAir Block Dispenser Pack is a natural odour eliminator that neutralises household odours using pet friendly odour elimination

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  1. Glenn N. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent product.

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  2. Beverley Newey (Verified Purchase)

    Works to perfection well impressed

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  3. Yvonne Langton (Verified Purchase)

    This is very good for larger spaces we have the smaller ones for our smaller rooms great product

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  4. Lynda Costerd (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely brilliant

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