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Natural Odour Neutraliser, Made From Essential Oils.
PowAir Odour Neutralising Liquids


PowAir is a highly effective and versatile odour control solution that specialises in eliminating unpleasant odours. As a leading pet odour remover, it tackles a wide range of issues, including carpet odours, stains, and urine odours. Powered by natural ingredients, PowAir acts as a natural odour eliminator that neutralises odours instead of merely masking them. Its advanced formula ensures that not only are the unpleasant smells eliminated, but stains and odours are completely eradicated, leaving behind a fresh and clean environment. With PowAir as your trusted stain and odour eliminator, you can confidently bid farewell to virtually any type of odour problems and enjoy a revitalised living space.

Where to use PowAir

odour neutraliser with no limits

Using PowAir for Pet Odour Elimination

PowAir for Pets

Our product range is suitable for any pet odour problems. Remove bad smells from pet environments, near litter trays & even urine smells from carpets using PowAir Urine & Odour.

Using PowAir in your Home to eliminate household odours

PowAir in the home

PowAir odour neutraliser is the perfect answer to home odours, whether you’re looking for long lasting consistent odour removal, or a quick fix; PowAirs product range is a perfect solution.

Using PowAir in your office and workplace to eliminate odours

PowAir in the office

Ensuring an office space is left odour free can help in more ways than you think. PowAir  odour neutraliser products can remove odour in any professional environment.

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PowAir Fragrances


Apple Crumble | Passion Fruit
Tropical Breeze | Lemongrass

Why choose PowAir?

PowAir Urine & Odour Pet Pee Smell Eliminator Spray 464ml 922ml

PowAir Urine & Odour

  All Natural Formula

✔  Pet Safe & Cruelty Free 

  Alcohol Free

  All ingredients are non toxic

  Environmentally friendly

Uses our Enzymatic formula

Competitor Products

 May not be made of natural ingredients

May not be safe to use around Family & Pets

X  Can contain small levels of alcohol

X  Doesn’t use the PowAir Enzymatic formula

X  Often masks odours & doesn’t neutralise them

PowAir Enzymatic Product Range

Where to use PowAir?

Due to PowAir’s excellent odour neutralisation capabilities and different forms, sizes and dispenser types, this odour removal product can be used in a vast array of different situations from home use to industrial applications. Take a look at how we recommend you use our products.

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