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Pest & Rodent Odour Control

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Finding out there’s a mouse or rodent living in your home is never news that’s taken lightly. To make matters worse, rodent odour control can be tricky. Luckily, PowAir have a range of natural odour neutralising products to help you with pest control odour removal! So, if you’re struggling to eliminate the smell of rodent faeces or unsure on how to get rid of dead animal smells, we are sure that PowAir have an ideal solution for you.

Rodent Faeces & Urine Smells

Unfortunately, recognising that there is a rodent present in your home is only the start of the issue. With rats and mice living in your house comes rodent faeces and urine and this is a smell that can only be described as potent. You need a rodent odour control product that eliminates odours from the root of the source.


Let us introduce you to PowAir Urine & Odour – our best-selling product that uses an Enzymatic Formula to remove smells such as faeces, urine, vomit, mildew and pheromones. Our Enzymatic formula is made from essential oils which are naturally derived, and include a range of microbial enzymes. The high performance enzymes are microbial products validated with scientifically backed performance data.

effective pest control odours - rodent faeces
How do you use Urine & Odour?

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Test a small amount on a hidden area to ensure colour fastness.
  3. Remove excess odour causing material from the affected areas.
  4. Fully saturate the affected area for best results.
  5. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then blot excess liquid from the affected area. Let the rest dry naturally and the PowAir scent will fade overtime.
Removing Dead Rodent Smells

After spending weeks following the smell of rodent poop around your home, the next issue to arise will be knowing how to get rid of dead animal smells. This is a smell that no one wants to experience, never mind in your living space. What you need is PowAir Gel for pest control odour removal.

You may choose to leave the product in its original container. This is the simplest way to use PowAir Gel. If this is the case, we recommended regularly shaking the jar to agitate the contents. This method is extremely effective when being used in small areas.

TOP TIP: PowAir Gel is ideal to put into action in these situations as the crystals can be separated into smaller jars and hidden around your home. By doing so, this allows those dead mouse and rodent smells to be eliminated on a larger scale by covering a wider area.

rodent odour control - how to get rid of dead animal smells
Looking for a quick and easy solution?

Put down those high street aerosol air fresheners and start using PowAir Spray! A proven, industrial strength, essential oil-based odour neutraliser infused with refreshing aromatic scents using an eco-friendly, non-aerosol container. Choose from:

powair scents - natural formula - enzymatic product - effective pest control odours

PowAir’s formulated blend of natural essential oils is designed to eliminate a wide spectrum of smells, more than any other odour neutraliser, making it effective for mouse and rodent odour control as it works to remove those dead rodent smells from the air.

dead rodent smells - effective odour neutraliser
Please Consider:

A wide range of online sources suggest to create homemade odour elimination solutions and here at PowAir, this is something that we do not recommend. In similarity to a variety of high street odour removal products, homemade solutions only work to mask the smell and not effectively eliminate it from the source.


The sooner you use products like PowAir, the sooner you will see results. Use PowAir to remove those dead rodent smells quickly and effectively.

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