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Neutralise Unwanted Odours,
Safely, Naturally and Permanently.

Bad smells are never a welcome distraction.

Eliminating Funeral Home odours safely and naturally…

Effectively neutralising odours for funeral directors is a challenging and important consideration. Ensuring that certain odours do not interfere with the grieving process when families are suffering with personal loss can not only be a stressful responsibility but is also a vital business decision.

PowAir makes the process of eliminating unwanted odours simple. Providing you with a range of products that can be discreetly located around any environment, neutralising bad smells safely, naturally and permanently. With PowAir, you can be confident that any visitors, customers or families that attend your premises will not become distracted or upset by any disturbing smells.

Pleasant fragrances can be a powerful tool in emotional situations; a fresh and comforting mixture of essential oils with a pleasant aroma can soothe emotional stress and help with the healing process. PowAir has three fragrances to choose from, Apple Crumble, Passion Fruit and Tropical Breeze, each with a subtle yet refreshing essence.

For extreme problems, our dual-action enzymatic odour neutralisers are recommended. PowAir Penetrator includes our essential oil formulation alongside a range of high-performance enzymes. These combine to provide an incredibly powerful odour eliminator. PowAir Penetrator can be used to eliminate biological odours from almost any material, including soft furnishings, wood and even concrete. Always patch test materials prior to treatment to ensure colour fastness.

Our PowAir Liquid is a fantastic product to use in cleaning solutions to ensure that cleaning and washing down of surfaces eliminates any lingering smells. It can also be used in fogger and misting machines to treat entire rooms quickly and effectively. Our Liquid can even be used in hand sprayers and small mist dispensers such as the PowAir Misting Dome to deliver a continuous stream of odour neutraliser in to the surrounding environment.

PowAir Gel is one of our most versatile products when it comes to the size of area that can be treated. Gel is available in small 400g jars which can be placed behind pictures, plants or furniture for treating odours discreetly in small areas. Slightly larger 732g jars are useful for small to medium areas and last a little longer than the 400g jars before needing to be replaced. Our 3.8kg Gel Pails are able to treat a much larger area, or provide great economy as refills for the smaller containers. At the larger end of the range is the 20kg Gel pail, this is capable of treating very large areas! Our Gel products can be further enhanced by utilising the PowAir Breeze fan (for 732g jars and 3.8kg Gel pails) and the PowAir Cyclone fan (for 20kg pails) to drive the odour neutraliser out of the container and circulate it around the environment at a much higher rate than would occur through natural evaporation.

Scientifically Proven to Remove Odours

PowAir’s scientifically proven formulation utilises three mechanisms of action to eliminate odours, these are Adsorption, Absorption and Chemical Reaction. Each of these actions will nullify odorous molecules in a slightly different way; however, the result is always the same, no more odour! You can read more about the science of PowAir here.

Why Choose PowAir…


Closest Competitors

❗ May not be made of natural ingredients

❗ May not be safe to use around Family & Pets

❗ Can contain small levels of alcohol

❗ Doesn’t use the PowAir Enzymatic formula

❗ Doesn’t always neutralise odours


PowAir Products

✔  All Natural Formula

✔  Pet Safe & Cruelty Free 

✔  No Alcohol

✔  All ingredients are non toxic

✔  Environmentally friendly

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