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Keep your home smelling fresh with PowAir’s home cleaning hacks

There are multitude of interior design options available; from contemporary living to more traditional styles. We all have different interpretations of what makes a house a home. But, whether our homes have bohemian or rustic influences, there’s one major factor that we all want to achieve. A house that not only looks good, but also a home thats smelling fresh! PowAir have the essential oils for a fresh smelling home and even products to help with sofa cleaning at home. Follow this blog post for home cleaning hacks and how to use PowAir to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.


You’ve poured your heart and soul into your interior; spending endless hours painting and carefully matching materials and textures. But bad odours can turn even the most beautiful home into an unattractive one. We’ve all heard of the term ‘nose blind’, but we often don’t give it a second thought. This is exactly how the term came to be. Our noses have become accustomed to our own living environments, so we often don’t know if bad odours are even present. Don’t rely on friends and family to broach the subject either; it’ll only make for an awkward conversation. You’ll be left offended rather than enlightened.

There is lots of reasons why your home might be smelling more foul than fresh. However, the good news is that most odour problems can be easily pinpointed and eliminated. We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure so it’s a good idea to continually attack those smelly odours before they become a problem. Continue reading to find out more excellent home cleaning hacks from PowAir.


Remove shoe odours to keep your home smelling fresh


They say that first impressions count for everything, which is probably why it’s never a good idea to leave the worst offender by the front door. You got it, shoes! They’re stuck to our feet for more hours than we care to imagine and that one trusty pair that we’re faithful to is probably the worst offender of them all. And, unless you live alone, there’s likely several other offenders nearby!


So, what makes our shoes smelly? There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet! For most of the day, our feet are cooped up in our shoes with very little to no ventilation. In turn, this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Of course, there are several factors to consider here. Warmer weather can be a contributor, and simply put, some of us just sweat more than others.


And what can I do to fix this? Because our feet sweat, our shoes can become damp inside and need ample drying time. The easiest solution is to opt for a different pair of shoes on alternative days. Not only will your shoes get enough time to dry, but they should in theory last longer and better retain their shape. To eliminate those bad smells, give each shoe a generous spritz of the PowAir Penetrator Spray. Being completely natural, with an essential oil based formula, it can be used on both porous and non-porous materials and will remove those bad odours at speed. Spray shoes daily as a permanent, natural solution to keeping those bad odours at bay!


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Kitchen Smells stopping your home from smelling fresh?

Often, the kitchen can be the heart of the home. It provides a fun and much needed space for hosting. Despite this, cooking alone introduces a mirage of odours (along with grease), which overtime can build up and penetrate a number of surfaces and materials. Carpets, blinds, curtains and clothing can all be affected. With most kitchens now housing a variety of cooking equipment, we are producing more delicious foods than ever. Subsequently, the smells they produce can linger for much longer than anticipated.


Because fabrics absorb odours and grease more easily, we suggest keeping doors closed where possible. Good ventilation is also key so it’s a good idea to open a window or two to allow the odours to escape outside. Admittedly, most of us turn to air fresheners to ‘remove’ odours. Unfortunately, they only mask them for a short while; in effect, they are useless! A great home cleaning hack is to use an all natural odour neutraliser like PowAir. Odour neutralisers can completely absorb the odorous molecules.



For your kitchen, we suggest the PowAir Gel, which is available in a number of sizes based on usage requirements and the area to cover. It can be conveniently placed on worktops or wherever required. If you have cupboards which are particularly problematic for odours, we suggest popping a PowAir Block inside for round-the-clock odour neutralisation. For example, putting a block under your sink will help to eliminate foul odours overtime.


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Four Legged Friends

If you’ve ever walked into the home of a friend or relative and been hit with that overwhelming animal smell, then you’re definitely not alone! You might even have pets yourself but there’s no way your home smells like that! Wrong! Unfortunately, pets and bad odours go hand in hand so unless you are actively targeting bad odours then you are likely to have that familiar animal smell too. It’s true that animals are high maintenance, but we all agree that they’re totally worth it! Another brilliant home cleaning hack is to use PowAir! All of our products are completely pet safe with their all natural essential oil based formula.


Vacuum daily to get rid of pet hair. Even the lowest of shedders can still cause a hefty build-up of hair over a short period of time.


Your pets’ bed and any accompanying blankets should be washed regularly to prevent the build up of both odours and bacteria. We suggest a good strong lint roller to remove as much hair as possible before washing. You can now pick up a larger sized pet lint roller with a long handle, which are designed especially for carpet. These are great to use where the vacuum won’t suffice. Finish of your pet bed cleaning activities with a spritz of our essential oil based PowAir Spray. Available in three scents: Tropical Breeze, Passion Fruit and Apple Crumble.


Leather sofas should be wiped down with an anti-bacterial where safe to do so. Material sofas should be cleaned of any animal hair, either with a lint roller or vacuum. Sofa cleaning at home, in terms of leather sofas, can often be much trickier to keep clean, especially in households where pets are free to roam. In the case of spillages or animal urine, these should be cleaned immediately to minimise damage. Where animal urine is present – even older stains – PowAir has the at home sofa cleaning product for you. Make sofa cleaning at home easy with PowAir Penetrator. An essential oil based spray that can be used to eliminate the smell by breaking down and destroying the microbial enzymes.

A pet urine detector torch can be used to identify older stains, even those you may not have been aware of. A daily spray will keep your sofa smelling fresh  and make sofa cleaning at home so much easier. Additionally this spray can be used on curtains, rugs and even blankets. Other furniture can be dusted and wiped down as necessary.

Litter Trays

Your cats litter tray should be spot cleaned daily with the litter being replaced once a week. Because cats prefer privacy, litter trays should be placed in a quiet, safe area. Don’t forget that it’s important to consider placement where there are young children in the household.
To keep your cats litter tray clean and odour free, use the penetrator spray; it’s lightly scented and safe to use around pets. Owners should note that strong scented cleaning products can deter cats from using their tray.

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Time for the rubber gloves

Too often, the bathroom can be pretty far down on the priority list. Sure, we don’t exactly spend a lot of time in there, but! When we want to relax and unwind after a hard day at work, the bathroom is exactly where we want to be; inside the tub enveloped in an unfathomable amount of bubbles! That’s why it’s especially important to keep your bathroom both clean and smelling fragrant.


I think it’s fair to say that 90% of bathroom cleaning routines consist of throwing bleach down the toilet. Of course, bleach is pretty fantastic at getting rid of limescale – and you will have a very sparkly loo – but it doesn’t work that great in getting rid of those bad odours, if at all. Simply pop a PowAir Block discreetly behind the toilet for round-the-clock odour neutralisation; not only will the bathroom smell delectable, but it will also counteract the odours produced from your everyday cleaning products. PowAir Blocks contain all natural ingredients and are essential oil based.


Don’t forget to tackle limescale build-up around your bath and sink taps. For a natural – effective and inexpensive – solution, use vinegar along with an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush. These handy ‘tools’ can also be used to refresh dull-looking tile grout throughout the home.

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