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How to Remove Pet Odours

Pet Odours – The Cause

What is the cause of pet odours? We all love pets! However they can also unfortunately bring unpleasant odours into the home. PowAir has the perfect set of pet odour eliminators for you. All of our products are pet safe! This allows you to comfortably stop wet dog smells, get rid of pet urine smells and overall remove pet odours from your home. PowAir is both pet safe and cruelty free with its all natural formula.


Animals have natural smells that are not pleasant to humans, especially animal urine. Therefore any animal that lives in the home has the potential to cause extremely bad smells to your household. Over time these smells can become engrained in the carpets and upholsteries. As previously mentioned, animal urine is one of the worst offenders when it comes to bad pet odours. Coincidently, it is also one of the worst to remove! These bad urine smells often occur when the pets are young and untrained, but can also arise from pets getting too old and losing bladder control. If one of your pets urinates at home, no matter how quickly you can manage to clean the infected area the smell will stick and linger for a long while.

There are a number of other causes of bad smells from animals, including bad breath, sweat & wet animal. More often than not the people who actually notice the bad smells in the house are guest.  If you are exposed to it for a certain amount of time the body adjusts and the smell becomes unnoticeable. Luckily there are a number of ways to tackle these issues including homemade remedies and the use of professional odour neutraliser PowAir. PowAir completely neutralises the smell, but by far the best method to having an odour free home is prevention.


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Pet Odours – The Prevention

The best method for a odour free home is without doubt to prevent the smell from happening in the first place. Pet odours, such as that horrible wet dog smell, often become engrained into carpets and materials. If your pet has urinated on a carpet at home then you need to act quickly to soak up as much of the pet urine as possible. Clean the effected area using a pet odour eliminator to get rid of the pet urine smell. To prevent such occurrences your pet should be given plenty of chances to go outside to the toilet.

One of the most appalling smells a dog can produce is that of bad breath and it can often prevent you even sitting in the same room. Almost always the cause of the bad breath in the dogs is gum disease and decaying teeth. This can be prevented by feeding your dogs dried food and from time to time teeth cleaning bones, along with more frequent trips to the veterinary. Animals by nature get up to all manner of things when outside and taken on walks. They often come back covered in offensive odours causing wet dog smells. Regular grooming of your pet will help reduce such odours and there should be a regular washing regime. A brilliant pet smell remover is PowAir Penetrator. Simply spray onto your dogs bed and blankets to remove any foul odours. PowAir is pet safe and cruelty free.


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Pet Odours – The Removal

How can I remove pet odours if they have already penetrated the home? You can prevent pet smells all you want but if they are already prevalent in the home then this won’t really make much good. If odours have already penetrated the home then you will need to remove the odours from the air. This can be done by a number of ways.

One great way to eliminate pet odours is to use a pet smell remover. These removers are also known as pet odour eliminators. Luckily PowAir has the perfect pet odour eliminator that can get rid of pet urine smells and stop wet dog smells. Why not give PowAir Urine & Odour a try? Alternatively, there are several home remedies which you can try if your are on a budget. Of course this cheaper alternative comes with its downfalls as they are not always 100% effective. Due to this, home remedies should be a last resort.

PowAir is the original and the best in odour treatment. This product is a professional grade odour neutralisation agent available at consumer level. The product is not a masking agent unlike many other “odour neutralisers” but is a real odour neutraliser, physically bonding with the odourous molecules to render them null and inert and permanently removing the smell from the air, quickly. What’s more is that the product is 100% non toxic and safe to use around people pets and plants. This means you can use the spray directly on the pets fur if necessary without causing any harm to the animal using the PowAir Spray. With an array of different forms sizes and ways to dispense there is almost certainly an PowAir product fit for your needs. 


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Distilled White Vinegar and Water

An effective cheap cleaning solution you can use to remove pet odours in your household is through using distilled white vinegar. The acidic property of vinegar makes it a good deodorising tool, as it kills bacteria, mould, mildew and soap scum. It is mild enough not to cause skin irritations and is versatile enough to use on kitchen work surfaces, sinks & other upholstery. When it comes to using vinegar for pet odour removal, a dilution of 50% vinegar and 50% warm water is advisable. First, blot fresh pet stains and then rinse the stains with cold water and blot again. Then, douse a hand towel in the vinegar and water mixture. Wipe the stains in a circular motion–the sooner after the stain was made, the better.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used as a pet smell remover.  After you’ve used vinegar and water on a pet stain, sprinkle the area with baking soda and, if on carpet or upholstery, use a scrub brush to work the baking soda into the fabric. You can also make using baking soda as a deodoriser a weekly or daily routine. Sprinkle carpets, rugs and upholstery with baking soda, wait a few minutes and vacuum away. This regular freshening routine will attack even simple pet odours like pet hair and dander, and it will help keep pet odours from permeating the apartment.