Toilets are always going to suffer from bad odours. Whether they are temporary, or if the toilet is not looked after, permanent. Urine and faeces contribute to the bad smells in the air. Due to this, if a toilet does not get tended to appropriately then these bad smells can build and become extremely pungent. Unfortunately this is often the case with public toilets. These foul odours can make visiting them be an unpleasant experience. Remove odours from public toilets with toilet odour neutralisers. Cuts toilet smells & bathroom sink smells, stopping a bad smelling toilet.


There are steps to take to ensure that these smells are reduced to a minimum, and provide a more pleasant experience for the public.

How to Remove Odours from Public Toilets: The Cause

Obviously the source of the smells is clear, but what is the cause? There are 3 main reasons that public toilets often smell very off putting.


Firstly, public toilets do not get cleaned as often and certainly not as thorough as they would be at home. Without the deep cleaning of toilets, smells can build and this is often the case. Secondly, there is a much higher volume of people using public toilets. This obviously results in a higher source of bad odours. People do not tend to have the same respect for public toilets and often don’t clean up after themselves.

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These three causes combined can result in extremely foul smelling public restrooms.

How to Remove Odours from Public Toilets: The Solution


Clean More Thoroughly

The best action to remove bad odours from a public toilet is to improve the cleanliness of the toilet. An increased cleaning schedule, or more thorough cleaning will almost certainly reduce the smells coming from the toilet. Bleach and other high quality cleaning products will reduce the smells for a longer time. Further odour neutralisers can also prevent bathroom sink smells. 


PowAir Block and Gel are perfect for tackling bathroom smells, acting as toilet odour neutralisers. Simply leave to stand either hidden or exposed to the eye and let the magic of odour elimination happen!

Improve Ventilation

Ventilation can be another major contributor too bad smelling toilets. If a toilet is not ventilated correctly, the odours cannot escape and they will build. A public toilet should have appropriate ventilation to extract the bad odours and replenish with fresh air.

Use an Odour Neutraliser

Sometimes even with the correct cleaning schedule, level of cleaning and ventilation, smells can persist. This also applies for if the cleaning and ventilation cannot be changed. An odour neutraliser is the best way to remove these smells from the toilets. Why not try PowAir’s range of odour neutralisers?


PowAir molecules will seek and destroy the odour molecules, bonding to them permanently and removing the smells from the air. PowAir is different to your average air freshner. Our products eliminate odour molecules from the air rather than masking them. This is much more efficient and effective at removing bathroom odours.

A product most popular for eliminating toilet smells is the PowAir Block.  When exposed to atmosphere will neutralise smells in small areas. Similarly, PowAir Gel is an odour neutraliser that works through a natural evaporation process. Furthermore, PowAir  Mist and PowAir Mist Dispenser can provide regulated odour neutralisation.

If you are suffering from bad smells in your toilet then there is an PowAir product for you!

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